May 4th update on Tampa Bay Golf Community

Just a quick note, since April 12, my last post five (5) re-sales have come on the market, six (6) of the active homes went pending one was on the market only three days (3) at 10201 Collar located on the 2nd fairway. Listed at $84.12 per Sq. Ft and has not closed yet!  Also 10251 Collar went pending at $95.00 a Sq. Ft on the fairway with a new roof. This was one of my listings and the seller wanted it sold. March 30th I closed on 9981 Gape Wedge, one of my listings with only 1340 sq. ft. and sold for $134.33 a Sq. Ft.  Very proud of that. I believe that is the highest re-sale for its size in Tampa Bay in the past three years.  I just listed 11140 Moshie Ln for $265,000 and is featured in the Real Estate Book, Zillow, Trulia, and has a video tour as well as elevation, aerial drone and evening photograph. I offer FREE professional photography and since the first of the year has proven to produce higher sold prices and less time on the market. I currently have 5 listings in Tampa Bay, and 3 pending homes.  I have listed two homes outside of our Tampa Bay Community that are parishioners at my church.  Using Aerial and Elevation and extraordinary professional photos both only lasted 72 hours or less on the market and had at least 5 offers and as many as 16 viewings in this period of time. BOTH also have either sold for more than list price or contract is for more than the list price.

  • PROUD TO SAY I recently received from RE/MAX CAPITAL REALTY, 
  • GOLD HONORABLE MENTION FOR Top Days on the Market.

Tampa Bay Golf and CC is percolating

April 12, 2016

My blogs have been slowed by the activity I have had in listings and sales in Tampa Bay Golf & CC. And the diligent search for a full time assistant. RE/MAX CAPITAL REALTY is incredible but a more personal attention is need for my customers.

This has given me an opportunity to provide an accurate on the spot experience to support the data I provide in values.   Homes over 1600 sq. ft. have declined from an average of 128.00 per sq. ft. down to an average of $107.00 a sq. ft. Perhaps this is more due to the volume of buyers wanting smaller homes. 1600 sq. ft. and less is averaging $108.55 per sq. ft since the 1st of January and appears to be governing the market at this time.

New exciting news, since April 10th, Tampa Bay Golf and CC has SEVEN (7) new listings and Closed on TEN (10) homes that have been pending for 50 or more days!  It’s becoming common to see more properties take 60 days or longer to close. My last three closings EACH sold for more than the appraised price. I’ve been able to negotiate a good selling price that my sellers and buyers have been pleased with.  My last closing on April 8th had a contract price for 7% more than my buyer had anticipated. My seller was excited, and actually closed for $38,000 more than they paid for the home in 2010.

Since January 1st. TWENTY EIGHT (28) Homes have sold in Tampa Bay Golf community.  This is down from 47 this time in 2015.  K-Hovnanian has closed on 17 since the first of the year. Their sales too are down. This year has averaged 38 to 43 active re-sales and has given buyers a larger selection to purchase from.  Last year we couldn’t keep TWENTY HOMES ACTIVE on the market. This may be accountable, due to all the construction! Please note that of the 28 that have closed 18 were less than 1600 sq. ft. MIN days on the market was 7 and the Maximum was 169 days on the market, and average days on the market for this size or less is Sixty one (61) days.

Again I will note a great deal of deception on the square foot list price, sold price for the smaller homes. I’m receiving reports that claim $109.00 a sq. ft. is the going sales price. Many variables come into play here and as I have shared the past 12 months, Conservation, Fairway, and Pond frontage have significant impact of these variables. Call me and ask how I sold a 1340 sq. ft. home for $130.00 a Sq. Ft.  I continue to hold percentage wise, the highest square foot successfully sold homes in the Tampa Bay Golf & CC Community. Very proud of it too!

“GOOD NEWS” is sales appear to be up from a neutral market two months ago.

 If you visit Zillow, or my website, or you will notice all my listings now have elevated and evening photography. Many of these listings are not lasting long and a listing I put in the MLS on Monday has received multiple offers.

Want more updates on homes I have listed, in Tampa Bay and a fair and honest value for you home, please give me a call.  352-834-1326

STATE RD 52 has really cooled sales

The current feedback fr0m home buyers indicates the congestion on SR 52 has seriously slowed interest of potential buyers in Tampa Bay Golf & CC.  As of this post I’ve been told the front entrance will be completed in two weeks.  This hopefully will create the trend needed that will change the market from neutral to a sellers market again.

In the past 20 days from Thursday March 3rd 6 new homes have gone on the market, 8 have gone pending, so we do have some buyers, just not nearly the trend we experienced in 2015.  Five homes have sold, or closed.

I currently have three homes under contract, and four fairly new listings. 9981 Rolling Cir is in a location that has lots of room and privacy.  The value was raised because the home has been modified to accommodate taller individuals. No back problems to be concerned with and the extremely unique storage areas. A very slick, created home owner. Some additional homes new on the market, 29246 Coharie Loop for $169,000 and 10049 Old Tampa Bay Dr. and 10251 Collar Dr in Tampa Bay. Feed back indicates they are all priced right for their locations and condition.  Hoping for a super turn around in active inventory once the new entrance has been completed.

Pending home sales cool in January.

This article confirms my data and statistics from my BLOG’s since early 2015.  This does not include the Millennials. I want it clear the trend for 55 and older is specifically reflected in my blogs.
WASHINGTON – Feb. 29, 2016 – According to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), pending home sales in January declined month-to-month but rose year-to-year. Only the South saw an uptick in contract activity.

NAR’s Pending Home Sales Index – a forward-looking indicator based on contract signings – declined 2.5 percent to 106.0 in January from an upwardly revised 108.7 in December. However, year-to-year it’s 1.4 percent above January 2015 (104.5). Although the index has increased year-over-year for 17 consecutive months, last month’s annual gain was the second smallest (September 2014, 1.2 percent) over that time.

A myriad of reasons likely contributed to January contract signings subsiding in most of the country, says NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun.

“While January’s blizzard possibly caused some of the pullback in the Northeast, the recent acceleration in home prices and minimal inventory throughout the country appears to be the primary obstacle holding back would-be buyers,” Yun says. “Additionally, some buyers could be waiting for a hike in listings come springtime.”

Existing-home sales increased last month and were considerably higher than the start of 2015, but price growth quickened to 8.2 percent – the largest annual gain since April 2015 (8.5 percent).

While Yun hopes that appreciating home values will start to entice more homeowners to sell, Yun says supply and affordability conditions won’t meaningfully improve until homebuilders start ramping up production – especially of homes at lower price points.

NAR forecasts that existing-home sales this year will be around 5.38 million, an increase of 2.5 percent from 2015. The national median existing-home price for all of this year is expected to increase between 4 and 5 percent. In 2015, existing-home sales increased 6.3 percent and prices rose 6.8 percent.

Pending sales in the Northeast declined 3.2 percent to 94.5 in January, but it’s still 10.9 percent above a year ago. In the Midwest, the index fell 4.9 percent to 101.1 in January, but it’s still 1.4 percent above January 2015.

Pending home sales in the South inched up 0.3 percent to an index of 121.1 in January but remain 1.3 percent lower than last January. The index in the West decreased 4.5 percent in January to 96.5, but it’s 0.4 percent above a year ago.

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Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club review

A review since January 1st indicates sales are much slower than predicted, new home sales have fallen off some however it was noted K-Hovnanian increased the model prices by 2% in January on (5) models. Indicators suggest:

Since January 1st 2016 only five (6) homes have gone on the market. The current active listings are 35. The average active inventory has been consistent at (34-37) since November. Price reductions on more than fourteen (14) active listings has assisted in procuring Eleven (11) under contract (4) withdrawn, and 16 recorded SOLD, closed homes.

Many brokerages listed properties more than 30% over market value, and I will not comment, nor even suggest their motivation, not a practice I readily advise or recommend and rarely participate in.

Last August, September 2015 three bedroom, two bath 1600 sq. ft. or more was selling on average at $121.00 per square foot. Values on these statistics since August of 2015 to the February 24, 2016 average sale price per sq. ft. in the past 120 days has significantly dropped and averaging (90) days or more active on the market at an average re-sale price of $99.75 per sq. ft. This equals to 22% drop in values since the end of July 2015.

The average sold price for two bedrooms, two bath 1550 sq. ft. days on the market indicate 75-80 days and average sold price at $101 per sq. ft. up by 12% from August 2015.

The extremely warm fall in the North!  Funky Stock Market activity, and gas prices are significant factors in the slower than predicted market. This is reflecting hesitation with investment or 2nd home purchases, especially January 1st. 2016.

It’s apparent, buyers have a price range mostly under $165,000 and a two bedroom with a view is more attractive than any new models with a home immediately behind them. Upgrades have been a plus and records indicate a few have sold for as much as $124.00 per sq. ft.

I am hoping after the March political Caucuses has been completed and more buyers are feeling confident about relocating to Florida, we will experience a lower inventory and much less time on the market.

With much surprise we have 38 active listings in Tampa Bay Golf & CC currently.

We have had 19 price reductions in since July 12th. K-Hovnanian has increased five (5) of their new models between 1 & 2% which indicates they are selling out fast.  Many Realtors are listing homes to drive traffic to them and then directing them to K-Hovnanian for a 4% commission when the home is completed and closed and the Realtor doesn’t have to do much of anything.  Pretty easy way to be successful but at whose expense?

Realtors read my blogs constantly and I’m proud to say they use my research to list homes for themselves. I’m doing extremely well and thank Tampa Bay Golf residence for their trust in me. I’ll end this quick blog with current statistics in the past 60 days. Excluding the completed new homes that have closed.

As I said before (38) re-sales are currently on the market and many are priced extremely high and the challenge is getting them appraised once a contract is secured. It’s interesting how so many agents do not understand the appraisers challenges and what their codes of ethics demand. I will add that they are policed much more harshly than Real Estate Agents on their performance.

That being said, we have 12 pending homes and many are struggling to close, most likely the reason they are taking more than 60 days to close. It’s not the lenders. I have mortgage companies closing deals in less than 30 days.

Six (6) homes have withdrawn their listings and twelve (12) finally closed in the past 60 days. This accounts for the trend of 68 properties in Tampa Bay Golf currently. My next blog will have some real interesting trends that I’m looking forward to sharing. Until then enjoy the Lenten season, I enjoy this season as much if not more than the Christmas Holidays.

The Trend for 2016

All the current marketing data indicates the window of opportunity is NOW!  Buyers are here, the higher the demand, the better chance to sell your property. Many of these buyers are drawn here looking for new homes, have reconsidered and are taking advantage of there-sale opportunities mostly due to location, and view.

Currently as of Thursday January 21, 2016, Tampa Bay Golf & CC has 36 active homes on the market.  FYI 10009 Gap Wedge located on the 16th Fairway and priced at $225,000 and is a Home not a Villareceived multiple offers and became a bidding war. It is currently under contract for more than the listing price.

K-Hovnanian is driving buyers into Tampa Bay and currently has no premium lots left. With a few tips to prepare the sale of your home, the value will be surprisingly handsome.


Most of the homes listed in October thru December reduced their price as much as 40%. And four (4) withdrew their home from the market.  We currently have 12 homes under contract and seven (7) have sold, 4 of which were NEW K-Hovnanian homes.  Many properties have listed at extremely high prices, in nice locations but have no upgrades and the listing agent’s use these specifically to generate buyers off Zillow, Trulia, and It’s deceptive and not fair to a seller, unless they are aware of the reason behind their homes high listing price.

I had six (6) transactions in October and anyone that contacted me to sell; I suggested waiting until mid-January 2016 before placing on the market. The more days a home advertises on the market the less interest a buyer may have.  I have two new listings and several that are preparing their home for market.

Please contact me as quickly as possible for a free and current “Market Analysis” of your home”


Dan Swing