How to AVOID common scams

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How You Can Avoid Common Scams

Tax season means a flood of scam emails, phone calls, and letters. Scammers frequently use fear and change stories constantly to lure victims into their schemes. It’s no longer only seniors being targeted; millennials are increasingly falling victim to scams. It is critical for everyone to understand the most commonly used tactics.If you feel your personal information has already been compromised and you are an IDShield member, make sure that you have enrolled on If you do not yet have an IDShield membership visit to learn more.

  • Easy money is the oldest and still one of the most successful methods used by scammers. “International Lottery Winner”, “Money Escrow”, “Check Cashing”, “Nigerian Scams” are all classic “easy money” scams that claim thousands of victims and millions of dollars each year. The promise of quick and easy money is hard to pass up, but remember, there is no such thing as easy money. In the end only the scammer gets paid. Run, do not walk, away from plans that promise you big money for little work.
  • Fear is the most effective means scammers use to force victims to make fast and disastrous decisions. Fear has proven especially effective against senior citizens insecure about their financial future. Scammers that claim you have a large outstanding tax bill may demand immediate payment or account information. These scams often include threats of arrest, eviction or repossession. Letters may come under the guise of your bank’s letterhead or service mark. Another common scam is an email or a phone call claiming your account has been hacked; immediately contact your bank independently and inquire about your account. Do not use a provided reply envelope, reply email website or telephone patch-through to contact your bank. These are part of the scam.
  • Confusion goes hand in hand with fear as an effective way to make victims act quickly. Again, these scammers often target the elderly who may be easily confused and manipulated. When contacted with a demand that requires you to act quickly, protect yourself by breaking contact and talking with a trusted friend or your LegalShield provider law firm.
  • Faith and charity are the best human traits, but ones that scammers often rely on to bilk their victims. Do not make donations or offer assistance to “churches” or “charities” unknown to you who email, call or show up at your home uninvited. Never make a donation to a church or charity that you are not familiar with, no matter how compelling their “story”.
  • Job searches can be exhausting. Scammers use the promise of high paying work to bilk individuals desperate for employment. Do not pay money to apply for a job! Do not give personal information to a “prospective employer” over the phone, mail or online. This is a major source of information for identity thieves. When you are contacted about an employment opportunity, meet with the prospective employer in person at their place of business and do some research on the employer before providing any personal information.

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Tampa Bay Golf & CC struggle with value

Wow, these are strong words!  Well, it’s true and my current experience and data support this.  I’ve seen many homes go pending and within 30 days go Back on the Market. I’ve personally experienced this recently and it’s due most commonly to an appraisal coming in extremely low.  In a few instances, an inspection discovery may kill the deal. It’s important that you listen to your Realtor, it’s their job to inspect and prepare you for any potential surprises.

If you review my past comments, you will find many of the Realtors in our community are using my findings when presenting what they can do for you if you list with them. That’s fine, truthfully my goal here is for you to have a clear, transparent understanding when making your choice who you want to represent you!

Thirteen (13) homes have been taken temporarily off the market, or withdrawn!  Why is this?  In theory, TOM “Temporarily off the Market” can be a strategic ploy to confuse potential buyers, and also confuse the data that goes back an forth to the internet. Is it actively on the market? Is the price changing?  or a common reason, after immediate feedback, has determined the home needs some staging to prepare it favorable for the market. I could elaborate more, however, I’m not going to write a book about it in my comments.

We’re back to (37) homes back on the market. and four (4) have taken their property totally off the market for now.  Only (12) homes are currently under contract/pending!

Thirteen (13) homes have SOLD in the past 60 days!  The volume of activity is down 35% from last year at this time.

Why do Realtors ask for your information prior to showing homes?

Police Still Searching for Iowa Agent’s Killer

Police say they are continuing to get active new leads even seven years after a 27-year-old real estate agent was fatally shot at a model home in West Des Moines. Ashley Okland’s murder is still an open case, and no arrests have been made.

Access REALTOR® safety resources from NAR.

“We just keep getting leads on it,” Lt. Anthony Giampolo with the West Des Moines Police Department told KCCI-8 News. “Maybe by reminding someone, maybe someone will say something that they know [can] help us with that case.”

Police say they have interviewed hundreds of people since Okland’s murder on April 8, 2011. Okland was shot once in the head and once in the chest while at a model town home.

“It’s like a puzzle that you’re trying to put together and you’re wanting to find those last few pieces to complete it,” Giampolo says.

An award of $150,000 is being offered for any information leading to an arrest.

Source: “7 Years Ago, Ashley Okland Was Murdered, but the Case Remains Very Active,” KCCI-8 Des Moines (April 8, 2018)

It’s important that we get buyers information to protect us as well as sellers property!  This world is changing and we must stay on top of the changes.

What’s an SRES

Senior Real Estate Specialist.  Ask me about the best way to prepare your home to sell. This specialty provides additional buyers from all over the USA interested in 55+ communities. I had two Realtors review many of my blogs this past weekend. Apparently, they must feel threatened, or building data to use as tools for their sellers an perhaps their buyers.  A great deal of traffic and data to digest. Why not call the best. Call me and myself of one of my team members will find you the right fit for your lifestyle.


As predicted it is the season just before snow birds go home!

Tampa Bay Golf & CC has 37 homes active and for sale in the community. Many have withdrawn or changed listing brokerages and are now back on the market. Some are looking for better marketing exposure in hopes of selling.  Twelve (12) are under contract and are pending and hopefully appraise and close.  Four of these are over a an accepted offer of $200,000 or more.

We’re still below last years sales performance in the community.  Whether you are selling or buying, please call and my team or I will provide you a strategic approach to making an offer or with marketing your home successfully.

We live in Tampa Bay Golf & CC and are prepared to present your home for showing if your home is vacant. Continually check your home after showings.  We are here to help!