Sellers and Buyers “BEWARE”

When interviewing a realtor, I urge you to be “CERTAIN” the realtor you engage uses an electronic lock entry system.  Do you realize how many buyers can look over a Realtors shoulder with a combo entry, come back at a later date, gain entry and clean your home out of all it’s valuables. This happens more often than you see in the media.  Sellers you’ve been warned, without an electronic lock box we as realtors cannot track a time element to track these potential intruders.

MY personal sales are official for April. I sold $1,260,000 in sales, in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club alone. More sales than any other brokerage selling in our community. I just closed on 11116 Moshie Lane officially on Monday the 23rd, and on 10311 Cleghorn two weeks ago.

My buyers did a mail away, and as added value,  I had four (4) housekeepers come in and clean this huge home! I do not do this to insult the integrity of the sellers. The home can look perfect, however a professional housekeeper hits on areas that you or I may overlook by taking for granted. I also do my best to accommodate my buyers by having all the locks changed and synced to only one key.  For sellers, please put yourself in a buyers position. You’ve spent a great deal on what we consider the last home you’ll ever purchase and move to. Wouldn’t you prefer that you arrive with your new home professional cleaned. Quality, top producing agents don’t always cost more and “ALWAYS” ad value to their services to you our customers. RE/MAX without questions is the most productive real estate network, the leading brand and an unmatched global presence. 

An extraordinary find, 6th green with pond view

Beautifully kept, winter residence, 2000 sq. ft of living area, fully renovated from the slab up in 2012 & completed in 2013. Quality is breathtaking, nothing was spared in this stunning home. An incredible pristine view of this pond and 6th green. Good value is hard to find, and this home has it all. Custom kitchen, wood cabinets, fixtures, stainless steel appliances, a joy for any gourmet cook. A skylight opens up the living room that includes a fireplace for those cooler than normal winter evenings. French doors greet you to the lanai, “it faces North” no hot summer evenings entertaining here.

Note, from the master bedroom and the living room area, enjoy these wonderful french doors as they capture the view, it reminds us why we retired. The 2nd bedroom is much larger than your normal 10 x 12 room and also has a view of the 6th green. Double sinks in the master bath and a large walk in closet are unique to this model. Double pane, lifetime guaranteed windows surround the lanai.

Call me to set up a showing before this home is sold. or 352-834-1326 Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club is becoming known as the destination for great neighbors, great golf and amenities and entertainment second to none. Management has a financially strong contingency fund, maintenance fees and HOA fees are some of the most reasonable for the quality of sustainable living, you will share with your great new friends.

May 16,Trending in Tampa Bay Golf & CC

Real quickly, 15 homes have sold in our community in the past 30 days. Seven of these were my customers. This is almost 50% of all sales. I’m the leading sales leader by volume and dollar amount. RE/MAX campaigns are incredibly powerful.  I’m not just a listing agent I’m also a buyers agent. When you list your home with me you receive 100% from my staff and I.

In dollar volume I closed on $1,260,000 in gross sales for just the month of APRIL! Awesome isn’t it!

Seventeen (17) homes are pending, this does not include two homes that I will be posting in the MLS for recording purposes. Yes I’m known bring buyers and sellers together continually without the need of the internet.

We have 23 homes actively on the market, theoretically with this few percentages in a community of almost 1600 homes it tells us this is a sellers market. We just need buyers to come in and see all the value you offer. I have many buyers on standby but their impatient and more than likely will be exploring other communities if less and less home owners choose not to sell.

May 8, 2017 trending in Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club. San Antonio, FL 33576

Twenty one (21) Homes are currently active For Sale in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club. Typically this few amount of “active on the market homes for sale” out of almost 1600 homes is called a sellers’ market.

It’s extremely clear that homes with key locations are bringing higher prices per sq. ft. than those sold that back up to another home.

Example three (3) homes used in a recent appraisal, all Augusta models and located in the Pelican Strand and built since 2012, brought between $123.99 & $125.00 a sq. ft. respectfully. I cannot explain these appraisers rational at times but certainly becomes a questionable deal killer while pending and a buyer depending on a loan appraisal to make a successful closed sale.

However homes built in 2003 to 2006 with considerable upgrades, in premium locations on the Golf Course or Conservation/Pond areas, have brought in as much as $127.00 to $132.00 a sq. ft. in the past few months.

I have two homes not officially posted in the MLS that my sellers and I have agreements to show and procure buyers. Both average 2,100 sq. ft. with a great deal of upgrades and or on the Golf Course. If you find an interest give me a call and if you are a qualified buyer we may be able to show and negotiate a sale price.

Nineteen (19) homes are currently pending. These do not include (2) homes I have off the grid that are pending. This would add  21 pending homes. This website appears to be more accurate than or other popular websites sharing data.  My appears to be the more reliable source, and since I live and sell homes in our community I  insights not shared by the full internet resources.

Thirty three homes have sold in the past (65) days and (8) eight of these were by my buyers or sellers, including homes that have never made it to a public website.

If you’re a serious buyer looking for a great investment in a 55 and older community, with outstanding amenities, management fees, great neighbors, location to grocery stores, churches, and shopping malls, You won’t find anything equal to Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club within a 60 minute drive.

Dan Swing’s “RECENT” Sales activity

SOLD        10257 Hyannisport Loop                                       $255,500

SOLD        10343 Chatuge Drive                                             $ 149,000

SOLD        29545 Fade Court                                                    $ 148,000

SOLD        29330 Coharie Loop                                                $232,000

SOLD        10411 Rough Road                                                  $279,000

SOLD        10245 Moshie Lane                                                 $153,000

SOLD         10446 Moshie Lane                                                $163,000

SOLD         10628 Moshie Lane                                                $161,000

PENDING         29203 Coharie Loop                   List price  $219,000        

PENDING          9812 Rollling Circle                   List price  $269,000        

PENDING         29235 Caddyshack                       List price $269,000        

PENDING         11116 Moshie Lane                     List price  $270,000

Just Listed       10823 Cup Drive                          List price  $219,000

ACTIVE              10049 Old Tampa Dr                 List price  $224,900   

 Who do “YOU want to represent your best interest?

Call Dan Swing Direct at 352-834-1326 or Cell 863-412-6382  

I look forward to your call, together we will make a difference.

I have buyers on standby for a home with the right fit!

Interested in selling but feel elements may hamper your opportunities to sell?  Explore some creative remedies to your challenges, and what your home’s value with selective improvements may sell for.


 Professional Photography


Real activity is going on in TBGCC

I would like to thank all the folks that have visited my site, and for all the votes of confidence I’ve received lately.  As a quick update, I have sq. ft. values supported of my projected values. These results will truly surprise you, for the Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club community. Give me a call and I will share them.

MY observations, I’ve seen price reductions on a great deal of homes in our community from the original list price. Why you ask?  List price does not support the value, depending on location, view, privacy and much more. You can’t just accept any asking price unless you have a brokerage that can prove to you what your home is worth and the value it holds. I will be honest, straight forward and if you don’t like what you hear, I will not be offended if you choose a different Realtor or Brokerage.  It’s who you choose to represent you that makes the difference. I do not plagiarize my descriptive content nor my photography content when I market your home. I have proven, my wisdom and results are “HUGE!”

Let me be clear: below are just a few of the homes I have listed and have contracts pending. This is a total of Seven homes and four (4) of these I have the buyers and the sellers.

29203 Coharie Loop, ………………………….List price $219,000        PENDING

9812 Rollling Circle ……………………………List price $269,000        PENDING

29235 Caddyshack ……………………………..List price $269,000        PENDING

11116 Moshie Lane ……………………………List price  $270,000        PENDING

10628 Moshie Lane …………………………….List price $169,000        PENDING

10446 Moshie Lane …………………………….SOLD today Monday April 17th for  $165,000

10245 Moshie Lane …………………………….SOLD this past month $153,000 appraisal? $155,000

10049 Old Tampa Bay Dr. ………………….Active at  $224,900

10823 Cup Drive   ……………………………….Active at $219,000

Who do “YOU want to represent your best interest?

Call Dan Swing Direct at 352-834-1326  or Cell 863-412-6382  I look forward to your call, together we will make a difference.


Dan Swing’s sales activity in the last 30 days

To all my visitors and friends, here is an update of my activity!


Quicker offers, and naturally for more money!

I have SOLD  29515 Fade Court, AND  10245 Moshie Lane, in the past 30 days!

I currently have contracts on 4 of my listings. The one I posted on the MLS 29203 Coharie Loop was only on the MLS one day when I received an offer and many requests to view this home before my seller accepted an offer. Photography does sell!

I currently have 2 listings that I never put on the MLS and will not do so until they are closed/sold.  Both are over $255,000 and appear to have appraised for more than these numbers.

I have an active contract pending with another realtors listing. I have another buyer negotiating an offer on another realtors listing.

I have another home currently negotiating an offer over $255,000 and after Easter two more sellers will be listed with me.

If you have considered selling, call me first 352-834-1326 and see if one of my buyers would consider your home! Is your home worthy of 3D virtual tour, I’m looking to market and display one of these options, exited about the opportunity.

Who do you want to represent your best interest? I can’t think of anyone more anxious to assist your needs than Dan Swing.  Dan offers free professional photography with aerials and evening shots. The more views your home receives the better the chances of an awesome offer. I look forward to representing your best interest.