Thank you for your visits and responses

I want to thank everyone that is responding and viewing my website and blog.  I’m not disclosing everything I know about our community in Tampa Bay Golf & CC. My buyers and sellers will get exclusive answers and data upon making an appointment for a free Market Analysis of their home.

Each Brokerage has their own approach for listing and selling homes. My observations are accurate data in our community and discloses some practices that may or may not be in our clients best interest. It’s important that the Realtors viewing my information understand our customers have a right and “CLEAR” understanding of who they engage services with, and a transparent view of our ethics, integrity, and professionalism!

Wishing everyone a blessed and succesful 2018

Happy 2018! Are you ready for it?

Wishing you all a great 2018.  We opened the door to some interesting data in our community recently.  Thirteen active listings have been on the market 86 days or more and appears the listing agents may be listing the homes for what the sellers are requesting and not for what the homes would appraise for.

Five homes listed below market value in the past 60 days and received contracts immediately. When you maybe approached by brokerages that boast about how many homes they’ve sold, please do your research. Also ask why they sold so quickly! It’s important for us as your realtor to represent your best interest, however some teams want to list your home, so it will sell quickly and not look at the entire scope of value your home may offer. This may leave you with less net walking away than perhaps you should have received.

An interesting statistic you may not be aware of, when you believe a brokerage may boast of having (X) amount of homes listed, does not mean they are producing a lot of sales. I’ve experienced in my practice that the more homes I have active on the market the more buyer leads I may produce “depending on the time of the year!” The big downside for these active listings is the days on the market tend to devalue the credibility of performance. We honestly try to keep you informed with the progress in our efforts.

Let’s do a quick recap! When I list your home, I look at the actual market value based on sales within our community, but more importantly I do my best to build and market specific value your home may offer. It’s a fine line between these guide lines and additional elements may bring value that you are not aware of, or other agents are not awae of. This has been a large reason why Mortgage Brokers are calling me a Super Star. My team and I make deals happen.

When you’re ready to sell, or your ready to buy, sit down with me or one of my team members and we will explore the values and what you should accept from a buyer. If you are a buyer, we will define the positives and negatives you need to review before determining an offer.

We look forward to assisting you because we want your business for life, not just for one sale.

Only 5 homes have gone pending in the past 2 months.

25 homes are actively listed in our community!  Nine of (9) these are priced lower than market value or well over market value, and two have reduced the asking price within the first 30 days. I’m not familiar with these listing brokerages. New agents coming into Tampa Bay Golf and CC, however unless they understand the 55 an older market, the trends and perks it can become a challenge for these newbies! I urge sellers to really research their performance and track record.

One brokerage has nine (9) active listings but appears to be listing the homes so high they are not bringing in acceptable offers, or the appraisals are so low the buyers chose not to move forward with the contract and it goes back on the market.  My last listing was only on the market 14 days, and is now pending.  I can’t provide good average price per sq. ft. these days because the market is so up and down with so many variables that effect the value, unless a realtor knows how to market successfully the sellers are becoming disheartened with their representation.

Our market has increased in value through the amenities, and proper marketing practices. Call me,  myself or one of my team members will discuss our marketing approach and why we are so succesful.  352-834-1326

The Fed keeps raising rates—why aren’t mortgage interest rates skyrocketing?

The economy has recovered from the depths of the financial crisis, and more folks are gainfully employed. So it’s not exactly a shocker that the Federal Reserve raised its short-term interest rates three times in 2017. But if interest rates are up, then why are mortgage interest rates still hovering around record lows?

It turns out mortgage rates are actually more closely tied to the 10-year U.S. Treasury bond market. Who knew? Bonds are usually considered a safer investment than the more volatile stock market. So when bonds are up, mortgage rates go down.

But the party could be ending. The Fed is expected to raise rates four times in 2018. And mortgage interest rates will likely follow suit and start ticking up.

Why a Certified Global Marketing Agent

Before I share this tid bit, I would like to thank all those that religiously visit my blogs. Recent stats are telling me that I’m averaging 80 plus visits daily.  Many of these are Realtors and Real Estate Brokers!

I’ve been asked recently why I’m networked with Global Agents. I’ve been selling Real Estate to investors, and seasonal rental owners since 2002. I have buyers and sellers from every continent. From Ghana, Canada, China, to the entire United Kingdom arena, Mexico, and most of Central American countries and Brazil.  You don’t build this kind of network overnight. It takes Decades. This is just another added benefit you get when you connect with me as a buyer or a seller.  

Happy Holidays!

Dan Swing’s buyers & sellers are the best!

I see a Whitington, sold at 10710 Cup Dr. on the 8th fairway listed for $269,900 then reduced the price to $157,000 and it just sold after 70 days for $245,000. The listing agent and the buyers agent both sell in our community.  FYI, I sold 29430 Schinnecock Hills Ln. a Whitington, for $245,900 and it wasn’t even on the Golf Course, nor did it have pavers for a walkway and driveway!  I also have a Doral, I listed for $259,000 against Old Pasco Road. NOW under contract, only on the market for 14 days!

Who do you want to sell your home?  Four (4) of my highest end listings sold for 100% of the list price and three (3) more sold for 97% of the list price. 

Call “Dan Swing” 352-834-1326

10404 Moshie Ln Pending after 14 days

With out doubts my sellers have more success with my marketing campaigns than my competition. Listed this at $259,000, my photographer and my team put empowering campaigns together that bring results.

Now let me update you on the active listings.  We have 21 active listings, 4 have listed in the past 15 days, 13 have decreased their prices!  Three (3) new pendings, and One of these is my listing.  I get you positive and quick results! Ask me for my statistics. “I assure you Dan Swing stands out in the crowd” why? I’ve been a RE/MAX agent for 17 years, an my records speaks for itself.

I don’t understand why some listings go “Temporarily off the market” and then back on the market for the same price. I’ve seen one (1) home do this 3 times in the past 4 months.  This use to be an MLS marketing trick to put your listings back up in the active market for attention purposes, however “My Florida MLS” has developed strict guidelines in order to use this practice and harsh penalties if a valid reason is not provided.