Dan Swing’s sales activity in the last 30 days

To all my visitors and friends, here is an update of my activity!


Quicker offers, and naturally for more money!

I have SOLD  29515 Fade Court, AND  10245 Moshie Lane, in the past 30 days!

I currently have contracts on 4 of my listings. The one I posted on the MLS 29203 Coharie Loop was only on the MLS one day when I received an offer and many requests to view this home before my seller accepted an offer. Photography does sell!

I currently have 2 listings that I never put on the MLS and will not do so until they are closed/sold.  Both are over $255,000 and appear to have appraised for more than these numbers.

I have an active contract pending with another realtors listing. I have another buyer negotiating an offer on another realtors listing.

I have another home currently negotiating an offer over $255,000 and after Easter two more sellers will be listed with me.

If you have considered selling, call me first 352-834-1326 and see if one of my buyers would consider your home! Is your home worthy of 3D virtual tour, I’m looking to market and display one of these options, exited about the opportunity.

Who do you want to represent your best interest? I can’t think of anyone more anxious to assist your needs than Dan Swing.  Dan offers free professional photography with aerials and evening shots. The more views your home receives the better the chances of an awesome offer. I look forward to representing your best interest.

March 28th update in Tampa Bay Golf & CC

I’ve shared some of my listings and sold homes in the past few months, however let me update you on some exceptional performances. I listed 10245 Moshie Lane for $159,900 and closed on it and 29515 Fade Ct at $149,000 and closed on both in the past 2 weeks.

I brought a buyer to 10446 Moshie Lane, listed at $165,000 and expect to close by mid-April.

I listed 29203 Coharie Loop for $219,000 on March 6th, and presented an offer on the same day that was accepted.

I recently listed a home on Rolling Circle that I never got on the MLS for $269,000 and currently have a contract and scheduled to close the end of April

I also listed a home on Moshie Lane for $270,000 and have a contract on this home before I could get it on the market.

I have a new listing at 10826 Moshie that should be in the MLS soon, we have a photo shoot Wednesday March 29th.  For $219,000.

I have buyers on standby from $145,000 or less, and buyers looking from $200,000 to $300,000 for the right fit. Are you ready to sell? Call me, RE/MAX will never let you down.

Market update “Tampa Bay Golf & CC March 3, 2017

Values are on the rise, it’s difficult to say what the measurable differences are because there is not enough recorded data for appraisers to pull from to support current pending contracts. I will share this data as it becomes available.

We currently have 35 active listings; many are priced much higher than appraised value. It’s important to note, that gambling with a higher listing price than can be supportive has its downfalls. For example

Currently four (4) homes have withdrawn their listing. For whatever reason, failed inspection, appraisal was unsatisfactory for buyer’s lender, and a scope of other reasons.

Six (6) homes have closed in the past 35 days and  (14) are under contract. It’s become common practice now for lenders to take more commonly 60 days to close on a loan.

WHAT IS TRID       With the new TRID process initiated October 3, 2015 The TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure, or TRID  It is commonly known as the “Know Before You Owe” rule. TRID is designed to make sure all mortgage lenders’ disclosures are clear, correct, and easy for buyers to understand. Buyers will also have more time to review disclosures. TRID will become the new mortgage standard, as it is mandated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB.)

K-Hovanian currently has three spec homes available that back up to Old Pasco Road and one Augusta that’s limited in size. All others are under contract and some with back-up contracts.

Trends in Tampa Bay Golf & CC this past 30 days

I have over 36 years of excellence in Sales and Marketing with State recognized Peoples Choice Awards and First and Second place campaigns in state competition.  Who do you want to represent your best interest!

I am pleased to share that some home values in our community have increased as much as 56% in the past three years. Please understand the data you receive from Zillow and other websites that give you high expectations cannot be used within the boundaries of our community. The data used from those websites are by statistics within the realm of that zip code, and are not reliable.

It’s been my quest since I began working in Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club to bring home values up after they hit all-time lows in 2013. There is a science to bringing values up, and many factors come into play that must be understood to get you the highest and best offers. RE/MAX has mastered these elements and trained their brokerages to help sellers obtain their goals. I’m fortunate to belong to a family that is attorney owned and monthly contract reviews and case studies are required. “Who do you want to represent your best interests?”

I have seen some contracts fall through recently and the homes went back on the market or were withdrawn due to ill advice from their representation. Keep in mind my tech savvy and BPO “Broker Price Opinion” experience, nails it on the head with value, and more often, right on the money. I do not want to give false hope to my clients. I want you to get the highest and best offers for your home. I do not want an unhappy customer because a contract fails for inspection reasons, or an appraisal disheartens expectations.

I’m proud to say other Realtors continue to read my blogs; could it be my material is much more reliable than what competitive brokerages claim?  My productivity for resales in Tampa Bay Golf & CC is clear, and my momentum has come from the use of this blog and my credibility is proven time and time again. My recent sales are on the higher end homes however I have two homes pending that are $159,000 or less. I’m honest and straight forward with my clients and they may not always hear what they want, but in the end my professional representation meets expectations. The other two top producers in TBGCC included their referral fees, from buyers they took to our builder K-Hovnanian.

My current/recent activity in Tampa Bay Golf CC

Please note that I was the first brokerage to recognize that our Club House improvements have increased our assessed value to near $5,000,000. Now other Realtors are using my findings to market their properties.  I also received $134.50 a sq. ft. for a home on Gap Wedge at the time was the highest per sq. ft. for a re-sale home.  My photography and RE/MAX and my marketing tools including ZILLOW and REALTOR.com have exceeded my expectations.

Currently Listed

10049 Old Tampa Bay Dr……………….1852 sq.ft…….$127 sq.ft  $234,900

10245 Moshie Ln…..……..……………….1700 sq.ft……$94   sq ft $159,900

10625 Moshie Ln…………………………..1773 sq.ft…..$101 sq.ft. $179,000

11140 Moshie Ln ………………………….2823 sq.ft…..$85  sq.ft.  $240,000

29461 Cochiti Lake Dr………….…………1723 sq.ft…..$126 sq.ft. $217,000

29515 Fade Ct……………VILLA.…………1353 sq.ft. .…$110 sq.ft.$149,000


Recently SOLD

29330 Coharie Loop………………………1891 sq. ft. ….$123 sq. ft  $232,000.

29545 Fade Ct………………VILLA……..1384 sq. ft…..$110 sq. ft.   $148,000

10428 Moshie Ln…Single car garage….1437 sq. ft……………..      $118,500

29358 Princeville……………………………1250 sq. ft……$111 sq.ft $139,000

9933 Gap Wedge…………………………….1443 sq.ft…..$117 sq.ft.   $169,000

10343 Chatuge……………VILLA …………1538 sq.ft…….$97  sq.ft. $149,000

10257 Hyannisport Loop………………….2096 sq. ft. ….$122 sq,ft  $257,000

9981   Gap Wedge………… ..1340 sq ft……$135 sq.ft.  $195,500

I’m EXCITED with this 2017 market!


I’m so EXCITED, Buyers and more buyers. My office and I have been really busy showing homes in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club since Sunday and have scheduled appointments this week of the 17th thru the 23rd.  After my post on the 14th, FIVE (5) active listings have secured offers, and in negotiations on three (3) not yet pending.  The market is on fire and we need more listings. If you ever thought about selling, give me a call now, with a reasonable asking price and conditions described in my January 14th post, it won’t last long on the market.

I would like to amend my blog of the 14th. One (1) home went pending in the evening after my post on the 14th and brought the active listings down to 38.

With ONLY (34) homes on the market out of almost 1600 homes, it’s WITHOUT DOUBT your time to SELL! My sources have shared that,  K-Hovnanian Homes, have five building lots and looking at building 4 new spec homes on the lots not specified as building lots that will back up to Old Pasco in the near future. It continues to be a sellers’ market. Look forward to working with you.

My staff and I reviewed the recorded closings in TBGCC that were NOT posted in the MLS and were sold by myself, another broker or sold by owner since November 1st. Seven (7) have sold, Excluding K-Hovnanian new built, or model homes.