Listed May 15th and full price offer May 31

29430 Schinnecock Hills Ln. San Antonio, FL was only listed 16 days before a full price offer was accepted.  Check on the link below to view this listing I completed. My stats are building extremely quick results.  What other Realtors promise, I do better and my last two properties in TBG&CC are proof that a RE/MAX Agent sells more Real Estate than any other brokerage. I’ve closed on OVER $3,000,000 in the past 6 months in Tampa Bay Golf & CC in the past 6 months and have almost another $1,000,000 pending to close. Who do you want to represent you? Be part of our success, call me today 352-834-1326, and learn how your home can sell for more money and less days. No pressure to sign a contract, a scope of analytical data to assist you in determining your best choice in representation.

29430 Schinnecock Hills Ln. San Antonio, FL

Trending in Tampa Bay Golf June 15, 2017

We only have 13 homes for sale in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club. This reflects less than 1% of the entire community. It’s difficult to find stats to provide reasoning for this behavior. Out of these active listings, five are extremely over priced and is discouraging buyers from exploring their possibilities to purchase here.

Buyers are tech savvy and know the values for homes. Unless the extraordinary is pointed out with supported findings these potential buyers will be moving to other communities. Doesn’t matter how attractive our community, it sends a message to buyers that we’re pricing our homes out of the market place.

For those who are serious about buying or selling, please call me for an appointment to explore realistic opportunities.

Interesting trends for Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club since the end of April 2017

April & May Dan Swing reaches $1,983,000 in home sales, exclusively in Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club!

My marketing in Tampa Bay Golf and CC has recently been seen on MSN and USA TODAY streaming news feeds. Now that’s REAL coverage. I also hold bragging rights for bringing the most buyers to our community than any other active Realtor’s in the past 90 days.  I’m analytical and I can back up these supportive findings.

A quick observation, a Villa recently sold for $133.63 a sq. ft., this Villa spared no expense in their renovation quest. Far more than I would recommend to any of my sellers. It would be interesting to see how much this seller lost from the beginning of their renovations to the close of the sale. Too many variables to speculate these results!

I continue to have buyers standing by visiting extraordinary value for homes in our community.  I still hold the record for getting the most per sq. ft. for my sellers than any other Realtor in our community and in many cases; I have brought the buyer to the same home I’ve listed. Several homes between 1700 and 1800 sq. ft. have brought in $127 to 128 a sq. ft. this being said, I brought a buyer to 9812 Rolling Cir., “2 bed 2 bath” an extraordinary find and location. “SOLD” for nearly $133.00 per sq. ft. at $258,000. These neighbors have been current residence, saw this home and immediately had to have it. A great buy for its grandeur, quality and location. I recently brought a buyer to 10311 Cleghorn that closed in less than 30 days from contract to close with a conventional loan. Extremely happy buyers and will be great assets to our community. I also brought the buyers and seller together for 11116 Moshie Ln., awesome location on the 5th fairway. An excellent value at $267,000. Mary loves to bowl and Don loves Golf.

What more can you ask for. Choose carefully who you choose to represent you. I’m confident my staff and I will bring you the best and highest offers second to none. Our professional photography, extended marketing sphere of buyers, and a stress free process you can trust.  Dan without doubt has a proven record in performance, and stands by his professional staff.

Posted June 1st, 2017 Activity in Tampa Bay Golf & CC

Fourteen (14) Homes are currently active and For Sale in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club. Taking into count we have almost 1,600 homes in our community. This is unexpected and historically a groundbreaking event. Twenty (20) are currently pending. Eleven (11) have closed (FULLY SOLD) in the past 30 days.

The trend for the past 12 months have indicated homes 1700 sq. ft. or less for homes in our community are averaging $127.00 a sq. ft. seriously bringing a higher price per sq. ft., than homes over 1700 sq. ft..  Homes with 1700 sq. ft. or more averages $112.00 per sq. ft. Exceptions are evaluated by a professional, and I’ll be happy to discuss strategies with you if you choose to sell. Do not take these into account as precise values. This is a scope of averages and does not necessarily weigh in on the value your home may be worth to a future buyer.

A great example is a Whittington model; 2058 sq. ft. has an average sale per sq. ft. of $103.00 and is in line with Zillow’s algorithm analysis.  However, Zillow’s suggested sales price for this Whittington, 10 days ago was $212,000 and I listed the property for $245,900. This home currently has a full price contract at $245,900. The last three homes I’ve represented, the sellers have received extremely higher returns than any other Realtor working in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club. Yes I challenge agents to define my strategies and bring the same results. Dan reaches nearly $2,000,000 in sales for  April and May. THE FACTS, “my staff and I have proven, we produce positive results and in many cases immediate buyers!”

Prime locations are an enhancing factor. However recently I’ve experienced that well-kept homes, with reasonable upgrades are selling quickly and for some handsome prices. As this trend progresses, buyers wanting to move into our community of Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club are following my analysis, and I currently have over 10 buyers patiently waiting for “THE RIGHT FIT!”

Boomers and Retirees Suffer Housing Affordability Anxiety.

While it is not yet clear how the new administration will affect the construction and the cost of affordable housing, the nation’s 75 million Baby Boomers are weighing in with housing concerns.

According to a new survey of 1,000 Americans aged 55+ from the NHP Foundation, a not-for-profit provider of service-enriched affordable housing, 30 percent of these older Americans experience anxiety about being able to afford their home at least once a month, with 42 percent of retirees reporting such anxiety at least once daily.

  • When asked what causes the greatest anxiety, 46 percent of respondents said they worry about “the ability to afford desirable retirement living.”
  • Nearly 65 percent of Baby Boomers worry at least once a month about their adult children’s ability to afford desirable housing.
  • More than 10 percent of Boomer parents worry about this at least once a day, with most (64%) concerned about their adult children’s ability to afford rent or a mortgage. Forty-three percent are most concerned about the next generations’s retirement savings.
  • “The anxiety is now multi generational”,  according to NHP Foundation CEO Richard Burns. “So we are working today to increase our stock of affordable housing to ensure that his and future generations are able to afford desirable places to live.”

For more information about the study go to U.S. Daily Review also check out this link for more on the NHP Foundation


Sellers and Buyers “BEWARE”

When interviewing a realtor, I urge you to be “CERTAIN” the realtor you engage uses an electronic lock entry system.  Do you realize how many buyers can look over a Realtors shoulder with a combo entry, come back at a later date, gain entry and clean your home out of all it’s valuables. This happens more often than you see in the media.  Sellers you’ve been warned, without an electronic lock box we as realtors cannot track a time element to track these potential intruders.

MY personal sales are official for April. I sold $1,260,000 in sales, in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club alone. More sales than any other brokerage selling in our community. I just closed on 11116 Moshie Lane officially on Monday the 23rd, and on 10311 Cleghorn two weeks ago.

My buyers did a mail away, and as added value,  I had four (4) housekeepers come in and clean this huge home! I do not do this to insult the integrity of the sellers. The home can look perfect, however a professional housekeeper hits on areas that you or I may overlook by taking for granted. I also do my best to accommodate my buyers by having all the locks changed and synced to only one key.  For sellers, please put yourself in a buyers position. You’ve spent a great deal on what we consider the last home you’ll ever purchase and move to. Wouldn’t you prefer that you arrive with your new home professional cleaned. Quality, top producing agents don’t always cost more and “ALWAYS” ad value to their services to you our customers. RE/MAX without questions is the most productive real estate network, the leading brand and an unmatched global presence.