Home Sells in a Mere 12 Hours After Remote Staging

Remotely staging properties is a growing trend in the pandemic. This service may stick around even after the health crisis is over, considering the success some staging experts are having. My listings get advice and suggestions for staging their home for a higher net at closing. My listings receive Aerial and photography that excels in marketing techniques to capitalize on the highest and quickest sale possible. This is why I was put in the RE/MAX “HALL of FAME” List with the Best! Dan Swing CALL .. 904-671-9225 and Central and Central West Coast of Florida 863-412-6382!

This is an example of a video staging consultation with sellers in April, and then the home went under contract in just 12 hours. The homeowner emailed pictures of the home to staging company, they met over a FaceTime video call for two hours to stage the 3,000-square-foot property, inside and out.


In the family room, the staging discussion on the fireplace in the back corner. The staging provider had the sellers move the sofa and pare down the furniture and accessories, which drew eyes to the fireplace first.


It was also urged that the sellers remove distracting decorative items and accessories, limiting kitchen countertops to only three items.


On curb appeal, it was recommended they showcase the front porch, such as with the addition of rocking chairs, hanging baskets of flowers, a fresh coat of paint on the front door, and a new doormat. “Today’s buyers are very discerning due to HGTV and Pinterest,” said one staging company. “Getting compelling and beautiful listing photos is always critical, but even more so in our current reality.”


I have a contact that may arrange a plan for my buyers by offering remote staging consultations even after the pandemic. “I have been pleasantly surprised at how effective they are,”


How much do you want to truly sell your home for? Do you want to sell it quickly? Are you willing to invest a few $$ to maximize your return? $$$$$


Sometimes a little paint, different lighting, a few items of decor will more than pay for the time and effort put into preparing the sale of your property. I’ve been selling homes for over 20 years, and did not get into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame without helping my sellers, buyers and associate Realtors.

Credits, National Association of Realtors 8/2020