Indoor or outdoor amenities, that is the question! Covid-19 accommodating.

Whether its stimulus funds, or just moving to the in home office, many folks especially in 55 and older communities are prioritizing amenities. I have seen and experienced more than 20% of homeowners are rethinking their home amenities. Expanding their outside patio, to adding a screen room, or maybe an outdoor kitchen. Front yard gardening, adding tropical Palms and plants that compliment the tropical climate in Florida. Perhaps by accident buyers are understanding the perfect home is changing.

From grandparents to sons and daughters, a community that accommodates all. NOCATEE Ponte Vedra Florida

Comfortably settled in their community while working at homes has spawned new interest and ideas while taking breaks, walking around their property. Time on their hands, retired or working it’s becoming an important part of the new lifestyle. Many home owners were considering a move closer to their children, and now their children are seeking opportunities closer to their parents and grandparents. The value of family is growing and connecting a closer nit relationship.

The buyers, generation X, millennial’s, seniors on the verge of retiring, areas with independent living and assisted living where graduating as life’s challenges meet the pavement of reality. All are exploring communities that accommodate a strong versatility in education, entertainment, lifestyle changes, are all just a few of the trends we are experiencing. A greater emphasis on multi-generational entertainment — playgrounds, gyms and recreational centers, and large TV rooms or home theaters where everyone can enjoy a film or sporting events are becoming a highly sought after amenity. Boat owners are looking to move closer to marinas. It’s a new at home era where families can practice their hobbies all in one place.

Nocatee Florida accommodates entire generations

We are also seeing where buyers want more manageable spaces. More square footage, outdoor living accommodations, including the outdoor kitchens, fire pits to draw family and friends together and still accommodate social distancing. “A lot of people are doing more at-home entertaining, in small and limited groups, so they really want a nicely appointed outdoor setup, and in some cases prefer to entertain groups strictly outdoors,” Communities, like Nocatee, in Ponte Vedra Florida, are extremely diversified and accommodate most all of these demands. It’s why it’s one of the most sought after communities in the entire united states.

Along with more outdoor dining areas, club amenities, more affluent buyers have definitely “always sought out, and continue to seek great amenities.” This is a given and matters more than ever. Most buyers relocating to the state of Florida are still putting in their nine to five, 6 am to 8 pm and demand that private study, or suite, or library and suddenly these have moved to the top of the list for many prospective buyers.

Above and beyond the need for additional indoor or outdoor space is the desire for an area where professionals can continue to be productive and collaborative at work. Today’s buyers are disinterested in bringing renovation projects indoors. If they’re going to implement large-scale changes, they’ll put that investment into their gardens, patios, and general landscaping. “Covered or screened-in porches and electric awnings have become a new thing,” The biggest change I have seen is not in demand for size nor amenities, but rather demand for quality,”

Nationally real estate professionals — convey that markets that may have once been popular as a summer or a winter retreat are now being occupied year-round, and must therefore deliver constant value, from the overall lifestyle to the finest details.

Lets face it, in the new perfect world, outdoor and indoor amenities are important, however the consensus for the now and not too distance future are outdoor facilities to accommodate social distancing.