We are Pro-Aggressive, innovative and productive!

We are RE/MAX, stocked full with inventive ways to keep our staff and you safe. We’ve rearranged our offices to encouraging social distancing. Reference CDC guidance for cleaning and staying up to date on our local and state governing bodies! We are always reviewing and inspecting Personal Protective Equipment. (PPE). Although it may be second nature to many agents by now, we are to stocked with on face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and cleaning products (without hoarding them and contributing to shortages) we welcome clients into the office even if they aren’t prepared with PPE.

We continually acknowledge other perspectives. We recognize that there are many varying degrees of comfort when it comes to ‘IN-PERSON” interactions. We are interacting daily on the side of being overly cautious and respectful. Continually self-educating, self-evaluating how we can become better ally’s.

If the pandemic and recent protests have taught us anything, it’s that now is the time to create bridges with others and try to be sensitive to points of view that differ from our own. We are engaging and practicing dialogue about how to best approach interactions with our clients and between each other in a cautious and respectful manner during these particularly trying times. Many have suffered job losses, illness and death of loved ones over the past few months — and many more have been redlined or sidelined over the years because of racial bias. We are mapping new industry standards to address the injustice.

We are reinventing our office events. Customers by choice still have reservations for large groups, doesn’t mean we can’t host an open house. We are creative and learn from others in the industry and take it out in the open, if you will! We even use vehicles for open interactive events, and if you keep up to date with my blogs, mastering the virtual open house when demanded. https://danswingblogdotcom.wordpress.com/2020/05/10/8-tips-for-virtually-prepping-a-home-for-sale/

Real Estate tech keeps improving in new ways. My staff is using it, and we are continually engaging our National, State and Local Real Estate Associations to practice and use these new Technologies.

We are extremely mindful of monitoring our health regular and take sick days seriously when the need arises. This does not mean disengage, technology does not lend restrictive measures in current times.

In closing, we have checklists of “To-Do’s and necessary supplies for reference before ALL IN-PERSON meetings.