8 tips for virtually prepping a home for sale

Today, a lot of buyers are making decisions from afar, and sellers need to step up their game when it comes to prepping their homes for sale. How can we help virtually?

Here is a brief synopsis of the protocol I will manage with my sellers! We will cover more detail in a call!

Despite many states and localities lifting stay-at-home restrictions on various levels, the days of in-person visits to a seller’s home may still be sidelined for now. With the real estate buying process largely going virtual, you’ll have to step up your game when it comes to prepping your home for sale.

It’s critically important that how a home shows online translates to the way it looks in person (or better). So, in our “NEW NORMAL” of social distancing, how can we as agents better prepare our sellers from afar? Here are eight ways to virtually prep a home for sale.

1. Send pictures

I ask you as the seller to take pictures and videos of your home and send them to me. This should include shots of the exterior as well as the interior of all rooms in the house.

2. Schedule a video walk-through

If you or someone in your household — have the technology to communicate by video, let’s schedule a “Virtual Walk Through! where you can take me through the home “LIVE.” This way I can walk with you through the various areas of your home, we’ll have a conversation from my notes I’ve developed from the pictures you sent and perhaps offer suggestions.

3. Follow up with a list of action items

Preparing a home for sale is not an easy thing to do in person under the best of circumstances, let alone Virtually. There’s a lot of information flowing back and forth.

To recap what we’ll discus, I’ll send you in an email, a list of recommendations, room by room. Essentially creating a “prep for sale” checklist that you a seller can refer to so we don’t forget anything.

4. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words

Whether in fashion or home decor, having visuals always helps. The same goes for getting your home ready for sale. I’ll send examples of competitive, well-presented properties that are active, under contract or recently sold within the last six months in the vicinity of your home. This will give you an idea of the look we’re trying to help achieve.

5. Send post-prep-work photos

After the prep work has been done, send me your photos and videos showing the changes you’ve made or propose. We’ll make notes of any items that may need adjustments, and brain storm ideas!

6. Schedule an in-person visit before going live

Prior to me scheduling a photographer taking photos. Let’s schedule a walk-through to review everything in person and go over”showing protocol!” We’ll have a conversation on how I will manage showings and who will be responsible for protective gear. Will it be myself or a person on my staff entertaining the showing for the buyers and or their agent. I may provide the wipes, and hand cleaner or if you feel more comfortable you may use your own and cleansing whips.

7. Take my own photos, and do a video walk-through on my phone

I’m finding that it’s best to schedule taking the photos and videos until we can arrange an appropriate time for everyone to meet the photographers and obtain pictures and video, it may be helpful to have a quick repository of photos and video content that I can send to potential prospects.

8. Besides photos, consider video, aerial and 3D

In today’s market, many buyers are making decisions from afar. The more options we use to showcase your property virtually from all angles, the better chance your property has to sell faster and for top dollar. This is why the way you prep your home “Matters” now more than ever.

This is a brief synopsis of some of the preparation we’ll begin with. Once we have a conversation I will share more explicit avenues, and detailed matters with you. I want your home to sell for the highest and best offer in the shortest amount of time. This is what I do best.