Perhaps a new project for Nocatee this Easter season

I posted this last April and thought we can think outside the box and get the kids to participate, enter into a contest.

These photos were from last year’s Easter egg contest the girl scouts sponsored. We can find someone to assist in a social media campaign for the students from home. Possibly have a drop box, put a code on the back of each rock to identify the artist. When we obtain the rock eggs, cautiously decontaminate and Judge for prizes.
These were girl scouts, Auburndale Florida. My Lions Club would sponsor Easter Egg hunt, different categories per age group. before it disbanded, obviously that can’t happen this year however promoting and sponsoring an activity of this nature, where the students can use a Rock they find and paint. Offer a 1st 2nd, and 3rd prizes. Maybe even additional prizes. Short notice, but I believe through social media this could still be huge and bring EASTER to the forefront during these challenging times.