Declining Inventory, Sales and Pricing Steady for January

Data provided by Northeast Florida Association of Realtors.

The first month of 2020 included 1,796 home sales, up slightly from 1,723 sales the prior January. The number of days on market between the two Januarys also varied little: 74 days on market this year versus 70 days on market in January 2019.

Sales prices between the two years reflect a more marked change. This year, $229,932 was the median sales price, up 11.1% from a median of $207,000 a year ago. There was a similar situation with average sales prices: $272,497 this January, for a 12.1% increase over $242,978 last year.

In a long-running refrain, extremely low inventory is a key indicator of Northeast Florida’s real estate market. Months’ supply of homes for sale dipped to 2.9 in January, down 21.6% from a year ago.

The 7,980 homes in inventory at January month end was 15.2% less than 9,412 available homes a year prior. Competition for the reduced supply resulted in 10.7% of properties being sold for more than the original list price.

2020 NEFAR President Ron Harris said, “January’s 7,980 and December’s 7,869 inventory levels are the only two months within the past 24-month period where inventory has dipped below the 8,000 mark. Sellers are in a highly advantageous situation.”

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