Host to Foreign Exchange students from 34 countries.

Dan was a member of Lions Club International. Why is this important you say? From 1975 through 2010 Dan and his family have sponsored foreign exchanges students through the Montgomery Youth Camp program, and through high school international Soccer work shops. His family has been host to as many as 9 boys or up to 4 girls at a time during their stay in Florida and has stayed in touch with these young men, women, and families in 34 countries.

Dan’s sphere of influence is international! Selling investment properties, to second homes. Buyers will contact him, ask to pin point a clutch of seasonal rental properties, engage in Purchase Agreements, and once the inspections are ordered, these investors will fly over the Pond and attend the inspections! They may purchase the entire clutch of homes are just a select few. His trusted judgment goes a long way with the relationships he has developed over the years.