Sales activity January 2020 in Del Webb Ponte Vedra

Many sellers and buyers have asked me what’s the most active time of year to buy and or sell their home. I pulled very accurate data for the past three (3) years in Del Webb Ponte Vedra in Nocatee, not to be mistaken by Del Webb Nocatee. Go to my FB page, or You can interact with the charts to drill down per month if you wish.

In 2018 sales were very active in January and February and began to decline to a low of 6 resales in July. January 2019 were lower than 2018, however no real decline in resale activity occurred as it did in the previous year.

The last half of 2019 was the biggest jump in resales and by December had 27 closed/sold resale homes. It’s expected to increase in late spring of this year

We are collecting additional data to hopefully provide a clearer view of what to expect in resales as we move into 2020.