Presentation is everything, inexpensive ideas.


Entryways are often neglected as the place for leaving snow-soaked boots or coats, but a few, easy DIY projects can turn the space into an experience buyers will never forget. HGTV suggests revamping plain mud room by lining the inside with plaid or houndstooth outdoor fabric, and transforming coat racks with a coat of white paint and ribbons to invoke the image of a snowman.

You can budget less than $200.00 and put remarkable dead, dull space into a vibrant image that buyers will remember! “Hey that home we saw with the cool entryway and mudroom. I can’t remember the address but lets go back and take another look!”

Lastly, if large Christmas trees aren’t your cup of tea, placing a mobile Christmas tree in the entryway might be a good (and surprising) compromise. My wife does this every year during the holidays.

“While Christmas trees in living rooms or dining rooms are the norm, why not greet friends and family at various entrances of your home with a mobile Christmas tree?” suggested HGTV in-house designer Brian Patrick Flynn. “Outfit a galvanized metal wash tub with wheels, and firmly place an artificial tree inside and weigh it down with sandbags or bricks.”

“The mobility of the tree allows you to roll it to whichever entrance is being used for your next Yuletide gathering,”