Easy staging hints for the holidays!

Use fresh foliage to spruce up your space

Inexpensive sparkle to the stage
Do it yourself ideas, with evergreen fragrance is a huge plus
The smell of Fresh baked cookies
Over the real, gas, or ambient accessories are plus

Although artificial foliage is arguably easier to take care of, fresh wreathes and garlands made with evergreen, spruce, holly, pine, juniper and mistletoe instantly inspire holiday nostalgia by making rooms feel and smell warm and woodsy.

According to the Clemson School of Agriculture and Forestry, spruce, cypress, fir and pine are best for wreathes since they hold their shape and clean up is as simple as sweeping fallen needles out the door.

“Wreaths are the main use for spruce greens,” Clemson’s blog read. “The branches are stiff with short, sharp needles. Blue spruce is especially attractive because of its color, and it holds its needles better than other spruce. [However] needle retention is poorer on spruce than on other conifer greens.”

To keep wreathes and garlands fresh, spray them with water every three days and avoid hanging them above hot vents, which will dry them out. When properly taken care of, designer and lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner said foliage should last anywhere from three to four weeks.

If your you not keen on sweeping up needles and spraying garlands, then Blanner suggests making table arrangements with garland, berries, spruce and your favorite wintertime flowers. Spraying the arrangements with an anti-desiccant will seal in the moisture and reduce some of the day-to-day care.