We are all forever indebted to Veterans for their service to our country, and one of the ways we can show our gratitude is helping them realize their goal of home ownership could be attainable with a VA loan. With Veterans Day just around the corner, it’s a great time to review a few key things you should know about VA loans.
Who is eligible for a VA loan?
Current active military (90 days minimum service), honorably-discharged Veterans and Reservist member (six years with an honorable discharge or 60-180 days of active duty) Surviving spouses of Veterans who died during service and have not remarried Those granted Veteran status through civilian employment
What are some key benefits of a VA loan?
No down payment with full entitlement. No monthly mortgage insurance payment. The VA Funding Fee can be financed into the loan.
What is the required Certificate of Eligibility?
A VA Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE) confirms that the buyer is qualified for this benefit Home buyers can visit this website to view the requirements for their service history.
Eligible buyers can apply for the COE online or by mail