A factual observation in the market!

No surprise, 9 “nine” homes listed by competitive Realtors, or Teams have progessivley reduced the asking price as much as 10% or $35,000! How can we manage to close on a property that an Appraiser’s findings do not meet the contract price? Give me a call and we can discuss some amazing ways. My track record speaks for it’s self.

I have reached out to eight (8) sellers in Del Webb recently. I predicted the experience the sellers would have in the first 90 day of activity! In the past 60 days,11 homes have made price adjustments, aka (Reduction in asking price)!

So, before you list your home with another Realtor or a team that boasts they have the most educated team, better resources, most successful sales results, this may not always apply.

A quick story, in my last community a Realtor was selling homes like he had a magic wond for succes. The reality, the values for neighboring homes became apperant. A nose dive in local values plummetied. I had a buyer come in and was ready to pay cash for the asking price of a specific home! I set the appointment and the next morning at 7 am I was told it was pending. I thought there was something strange, so I follow the activity. Three (3) weeks later it sold for $30,000 less than the asking price, the listing agent brought in a buyer! I was furious and made it my quest to increase the values in our community after that sale. The first few listings, I received HOA violations, either the homeowner was in violation or something I was not correct in the marketing. Needless to say once the community understood the politics was not in the best interest in the property values, the president lost re-election and values begun to rise. In two and a half years I made a difference, and helped many families in desperate need to net as much as possibe, I made it happen!

I’m an analytical guy, and when there is a challenge that I don’t fully understand, I WILL disect and challenge the results.