Is your home stagnant during the holiday market?

I receive notices hourly each day, homes in our area reducing their listing price.  While drafting this blog, I’ve received fifteen, (15) notifications of price changes. I have also taken the initiative to randomly review the values of these actions, and in 90% of these cases, it’s unnecessary. So what is it that motivates the agent, and/or the seller into making these judgment calls?

Not being prepared or experienced or just laziness!  Preparation;  Prior to placing the property on the market. Do not always agree to list your home with the first realtor you set an appointment with. I do not care how experienced they may be, you can learn from each individuals presentation. What is it that will entice buyers into viewing your home? What makes your home special from similar models; location, upgrades, material modifications, the hidden value that should be brought up and promoted, and most importantly the description that will sell your home.   

My biggest vice, being too perfect, too analytical, I think outside the box. I also reach out to top agents in our community.  I have been a successful marketing specialist since the 1980s with proven and up to date strategies that work. 

Every property, whether in December of 2018 or in January of 2019, will benefit from these strategies. But they can be particularly effective when the market seems quiet, as in these weeks between now and the New Year. Sometimes, unconventional wisdom is the way to go, not necessarily a reduction in your listed price.