Question your realtor’s knowledge

I recently came across a part-time realtor claiming to be full time and presented their buyers offer. It was accepted and after five (5) days, had not begun the due diligence needed and clearly required, to protect their buyer’s interest.  Sometimes I feel like I’m doing their work and protecting my seller’s interest.

Many inexperienced listing agents are only interested in getting the listing, promise all sorts of strategies yet poorly market the property. I’ve found helping my clients accomplish their goals, is much more rewarding.  Surprises come up that are sometimes good and some bad. The negative to this? It may delay a closing or stall or abort negotiations during the process. More importantly the process to start over becomes a troubling problem! The history of the listing becomes clouded and may divert potential buyers from even viewing the home. “The subject of doubt becomes surreal!”   

I have also encountered agents that do not understand addendums, the different types of contracts, an FHA, VA, USDA, and conventional. Each has its own merits and potential roadblocks. These elements and timing of each step in the loan process are critical and may affect a successful closing.

I’m a full-time realtor, not part-time and I make it my priority to stay up with changes in the North East Florida Associations contract that I find more favorable than the Florida Association Realtors contact.  Also known as the FARBAR contract.

When you consider the selling process of your home, please give me a call! My marketing skills and strategies are second to none. I also have a program that buyers agents must follow when writing an offer that helps both sides accomplish our ultimate goal. We want a safe, stress-free, closing for all parties.

Did I mention that I hosted foreign exchange students from 1992 through 2008?  Young ladies and gentlemen from 37 countries I have an extensive network of foreign national investors and buyers.

Wishing you all the best during the Holidays.