Why am I successful in our community?


Analyzing the situation; means thinking about the subject, purpose, sender, receiver, medium, and context of a message

Choosing a medium; involves deciding the most appropriate way to deliver a message, ranging from a face-to-face chat to a 400-page report.

Evaluating messages; means deciding whether they are correct, complete, reliable, authoritative, and UP-TO-DATE!

Following conventions; means communicating using the expected norms for the medium chosen.

Listening actively; requires carefully paying attention, taking notes, asking questions, and otherwise engaging in the ideas being communicated.

Reading; is decoding written words and images in order to understand what their originator is trying to communicate

Speaking; involves using spoken words, tone of voice, body language, gestures, facial expressions, and visual aids in order to convey ideas

Turn Taking; means effectively switching from receiving ideas to providing ideas, back and forth between those in the communication situation.

Using technology; requires to understand the abilities and limitations of any technological communication, from phone calls to e-mails to instant messages.

Writing; involves encoding messages into words, sentences, and paragraphs for the purpose of communicating with a person who is removed by distance, time or both.