Everyone has asked, here are the stats

In TBGCC we have 36 listings, and some of these homes have been on the market off and on for over a year. I see agents becoming more reasonable with their recommended list price, but then again there are some that are so far out of the ballpark it’s hard to understand their reasoning, and just representation to their sellers.

15 are pending and appraisals are killing some deals. A good Realtor knows how to prepare and negotiate a sale over the appraisal price. I’m good at this and my record speaks for its self.

Eleven (11) have sold in the past 30 days.  Out of the eleven sold, the price per sq. ft. jumps all over the place. From 81.00 to an all-cash deal for $151.00 per sq. ft.

The average sale price per square feet on homes between 1450 to 1750 is around $133.00 a sq. ft. A lot of variables and you should call me for an appointment to get a real understanding of the value of your home.

The average sale price per home over 1750 sq. ft. is averaging $128.00 a sq. ft. and continues to be somewhat lower than the smaller homes. A lot of variations come in to play and I would need to sit down with you to explain these.

Different communities outside of Tampa Bay Golf and CC are really doing much better in price per sq. ft. but the variables are so broad it’s not fair to compare to the community.