Tampa Bay Golf & CC struggle with value

Wow, these are strong words!  Well, it’s true and my current experience and data support this.  I’ve seen many homes go pending and within 30 days go Back on the Market. I’ve personally experienced this recently and it’s due most commonly to an appraisal coming in extremely low.  In a few instances, an inspection discovery may kill the deal. It’s important that you listen to your Realtor, it’s their job to inspect and prepare you for any potential surprises.

If you review my past comments, you will find many of the Realtors in our community are using my findings when presenting what they can do for you if you list with them. That’s fine, truthfully my goal here is for you to have a clear, transparent understanding when making your choice who you want to represent you!

Thirteen (13) homes have been taken temporarily off the market, or withdrawn!  Why is this?  In theory, TOM “Temporarily off the Market” can be a strategic ploy to confuse potential buyers, and also confuse the data that goes back an forth to the internet. Is it actively on the market? Is the price changing?  or a common reason, after immediate feedback, has determined the home needs some staging to prepare it favorable for the market. I could elaborate more, however, I’m not going to write a book about it in my comments.

We’re back to (37) homes back on the market. and four (4) have taken their property totally off the market for now.  Only (12) homes are currently under contract/pending!

Thirteen (13) homes have SOLD in the past 60 days!  The volume of activity is down 35% from last year at this time.