Why is my team so succesful in Real Estate?

Our society is driven by the internet and buyers and sellers are extremely wise to what they want in today’s market. However, they are limited in the information they gather. Imagine, your computer telling you, “what you want to hear and not what is accurate!” Yes, this is happening more often than you could possibly imagine. Through ADL, Artificial Intelligent Language! but this is another element in our marketing strategies that I’ll cover at a later date.

My team and staff have excellent knowledge and resources that are using tomorrows technology to service our clients with phenomenal success! We’re capitalizing on Algorithm technology.

Can I level with you? I’m not always sure I know what people are talking about when they say algorithm?

You and I are not alone: Honestly, I haven’t always been sure what I meant when I said it either, I leave it to my team to work the science! But here’s the absolute simplest definition: An algorithm is a set of guidelines that describe how to perform a task! Wow, that simple? “NOT”  however you may safely click on this link. Khan Academy definition of an Algorithm

Come on. That’s it?

Yup. even something as innocuous as a recipe or a list of directions to a friend’s house can be understood as an algorithm. Things are a bit more complicated in the computer science context where the term most often comes up, but only ever so slightly. A masterfully simple definition: “An algorithm is “a sequence of instructions telling a computer what to do, algorithms are reducible to three logical operations: AND, OR, and NOT. While these operations can chain together in extraordinarily complex ways, at core algorithms are built out of simple rational associations.

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