Selling below market! as an SRES professional Q&A

Selling Below Market

Experienced real estate professionals advise caution when asked to list a home at a below-market price. Why does this happen?

Consider these circumstances:

  • The seller accepts a below-market offer in order to sell the home to a relative and other family members question the deal.
  • A high-value home is priced low for quick sale and the heirs question the deal.
  • The seller says, “This is how much I want. I just want a quick sale.”

What should the real estate professional do? Write a letter to the client stating that the property is listed below market value. Prepare a CMA showing the current value and ask the seller and buyer to sign it in order to acknowledge the below-market price or offer. Keep all the documentation justifying the price. Market the property as a “best value in the community.” I personally focus on the best value for my customers and the community and my sales history is a positive statement of this!

It’s always important for me to provide inexpensive tips to support value and allow my sellers and buyers to weigh the pro’s & con’s on every transaction! Ask your Realtor if they are a certified SRES

Conflicts of Interest
Real estate professionals who specialize in the 50+ market often develop close relationships with their elder clients. But a real estate professional should not become a trustee, guardian, or conservator for a client without first consulting an attorney. Despite good intentions, the situation can be fraught with potential conflicts of interest and family members may accuse them of taking advantage of their elderly relatives.
Ref;  National Association of Realtors “Senior Real Estate Specialist” certification!