Tampa Bay Golf & CC has 37 homes active and for sale in the community. Many have withdrawn or changed listing brokerages and are now back on the market. Some are looking for better marketing exposure in hopes of selling.  Twelve (12) are under contract and are pending and hopefully appraise and close.  Four of these are over a an accepted offer of $200,000 or more.

We’re still below last years sales performance in the community.  Whether you are selling or buying, please call and my team or I will provide you a strategic approach to making an offer or with marketing your home successfully.

We live in Tampa Bay Golf & CC and are prepared to present your home for showing if your home is vacant. Continually check your home after showings.  We are here to help!

Our society is driven by the internet and buyers and sellers are extremely wise to what they want in today’s market. However, they are limited in the information they gather. Imagine, your computer telling you, “what you want to hear and not what is accurate!” Yes, this is happening more often than you could possibly imagine. Through ADL, Artificial Intelligent Language! but this is another element in our marketing strategies that I’ll cover at a later date.

My team and staff have excellent knowledge and resources that are using tomorrows technology to service our clients with phenomenal success! We’re capitalizing on Algorithm technology.

Can I level with you? I’m not always sure I know what people are talking about when they say algorithm?

You and I are not alone: Honestly, I haven’t always been sure what I meant when I said it either, I leave it to my team to work the science! But here’s the absolute simplest definition: An algorithm is a set of guidelines that describe how to perform a task! Wow, that simple? “NOT”  however you may safely click on this link. Khan Academy definition of an Algorithm

Come on. That’s it?

Yup. even something as innocuous as a recipe or a list of directions to a friend’s house can be understood as an algorithm. Things are a bit more complicated in the computer science context where the term most often comes up, but only ever so slightly. A masterfully simple definition: “An algorithm is “a sequence of instructions telling a computer what to do, algorithms are reducible to three logical operations: AND, OR, and NOT. While these operations can chain together in extraordinarily complex ways, at core algorithms are built out of simple rational associations.

This is why your best bet for the MONEY ($$$$$) is selecting my team and staff for your Real Estate Needs!  Call us today, “We will make it happen!”   (352)-834-1326

I have been approached by many of my clients and I have personally received mail paraphernalia that addresses every one of these elements. My staff and team members will protect your best interest. So many of you have complimented us on how satisfied you are with my ability to manage the sale of your home in our community and I’ve addressed some of these topics. I can share much in-depth detail for those interested, now that I’ve received my Seniors Real Estate Specialist “SRES” designation.

Cons ………..  A con artist may try to persuade a senior to withdraw money from an account in order to prove that a bank teller is stealing money from depositors. Another scam involves asking for bank account numbers and other personal information over the phone in order to “verify” information.

High-Pressure Sales ………  Boiler-room operations that sell living trusts frequently target the elderly. The purchaser pays several hundred dollars or more for a package of preprinted forms. High-pressure sales of home refinancing charge hefty service fees for unnecessary home loans.

Deed Scams ………. Seniors whose properties are owned free and clear may be susceptible to a form of deed scam. A fraudulent deed is filed and the home is sold without the senior owner’s knowledge

Phony Home Repairs ………. Con artists often appear after natural disasters like hurricanes. They pose as contractors and offer home repairs at “bargain” rates. The repairs are poor quality or never finished and the contractors disappear with money paid in advance.

Fraudulent Mortgage Notices ………. A sales pitch for refinancing or other products masquerades as an official document stating “call for important information about your mortgage payment”. Another scheme is a phony “official notice” that a mortgage has been transferred and future payments should be sent to a fraudulent “lender” at a new address.

Cash As-Is ……… This is very common with residents in TBGCC. Seniors may receive a cash as-is offer from an investor. Many times, these types of investors will offer around 30 cents on the dollar of a given property value. While it may be tempting for the seller to accept an all-cash offer, in many cases, this will not be the best option available.

Selling Below Market

Experienced real estate professionals advise caution when asked to list a home at a below-market price. Why does this happen?

Consider these circumstances:

  • The seller accepts a below-market offer in order to sell the home to a relative and other family members question the deal.
  • A high-value home is priced low for quick sale and the heirs question the deal.
  • The seller says, “This is how much I want. I just want a quick sale.”

What should the real estate professional do? Write a letter to the client stating that the property is listed below market value. Prepare a CMA showing the current value and ask the seller and buyer to sign it in order to acknowledge the below-market price or offer. Keep all the documentation justifying the price. Market the property as a “best value in the community.” I personally focus on the best value for my customers and the community and my sales history is a positive statement of this!

It’s always important for me to provide inexpensive tips to support value and allow my sellers and buyers to weigh the pro’s & con’s on every transaction! Ask your Realtor if they are a certified SRES

Conflicts of Interest
Real estate professionals who specialize in the 50+ market often develop close relationships with their elder clients. But a real estate professional should not become a trustee, guardian, or conservator for a client without first consulting an attorney. Despite good intentions, the situation can be fraught with potential conflicts of interest and family members may accuse them of taking advantage of their elderly relatives.
Ref;  National Association of Realtors “Senior Real Estate Specialist” certification!


For all my followers and those that visit my sites from my twitter, Facebook, and on ALL the streaming news media sites! Your home is advertised and shows up on each and every site in my header and much more. They are then directed to this site.  As of Sunday, March 5th, this property has been exposed to 169,090 AD VIEWs and 231 people clicked on this website.

Hats off to my team and staff, they continue to amaze me with their expertise in marketing our listings.

Last year at this time Tampa Bay Golf and CC had 23 homes under contract. This year we only have TEN (10) and most residents and Realtors do not have answers or do not understand. Why do we have only 10 pending contracts? Why are values in our community declining? Email me or give me a call, I know exactly why.

Why are buyers purchasing in Hunters Green, in the Lagoon development, Lexington Oaks, and similar communities? Call me or email me and I will share REAL data to answer your questions.

Have a blessed week my friends.