Will your home appraise at a contracted price?

Whats the right fit and list price, when listing your home?

TWO (2) back on the market

Three (3) Back On the Market, “backed out of an “AS-IS contract!”

Six (6) have 1 price decrease!

Five (5) have had 2 price decreases!

Two (2) have 4 price decreases!

One (1) has withdrawn and contracted 2 new and different brokerages!

One has withdrawn and contracted a new brokerage!

Three (3) have taken their home off the market for whatever reason. Perhaps waiting for the market demand to support their asking price.

BEWARE, firing a Realtor/Brokerage does not ensure you will not owe the original agent a full commission. READ, read, read, and understand your agreements.

It’s becoming more of a challenge to get a home to close in our community.  You may get a contract, but can your realtor get the property to a final closing.  Nine people have withdrawn their homes from the market in the past 90 days. This is one (1) every 10 days.  I believe some of these may be due to sellers pressured into a listing and promised the world.

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