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I’m pleased to say, it’s an impressive following for my blogs!  It’s apparent many are discussing my data and findings. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

I see 29443 Schinnecock Hills has an open house this weekend. I know this home well and it’s a mess. Few foreclosures stand out as poorly as this one. Originally purchased at bank auction in July 2012, I’m pretty sure the investor had no clue, all the HOA fees she must cover and rented it without really accommodating her tenants much. With this said, it needs a new roof, new A/C and a whole lotta stuff! Location is great, a wonderful conservation area, and great neighbors. The bones? going through 2 foreclosures and neglect in the past 6 or 7 years does not make me feel any better if I was the investor.

Thirty-two (32) active listings and eight (8) pending. Six (6) of the pending are below $200,000. The two (2) over $200,000 are both fairway frontage, not A+ locations, however on a 1 to 10 approval rating, potential a 5 or 6!  The one on the 8th fairway? Inspection may discover lots of indention areas in the roof from golf balls. This may certainly lower the life expectancy of a roof.  Much of what many consider to be upgraded amenities, are handyman specials. Consideration of value may certainly become noted upon viewing the appraisal results. Only notes that are good to know for my buyers!