Market adjustment; is it here?

For all you realtors out there.  It’s pretty obvious Tampa Bay Golf and CC is in for some adjustments on home values. We have fewer buyers than ever before! K-Hohavion homes have moved on and their website and the network of buyers are exploring newer communities. As a result, our higher-end buyers are not here looking at newer homes.

Our area has some new and extremely attractive communities in various development stages, and this is giving 55 and older buyers, some very good choices to evaluate.

Home location within a community is a key element in value, as most of us know, however many of the appraisers are becoming much more conservative and only going back 90 days for evaluations.

Homes priced less than $200,000 are very attractive to buyers and we have plenty of comparable sales to support the value. The $140 to $160 a sq. ft. are pushing the bar right now and homes listed at $265,000 or higher need to really have some special features. This is where a pro with excellent marketing skill, puts deals together. This is where I can help both buyers and sellers.

SOME additional data that we must reconsider. When the Stock Market becomes a little unstable, buyers are less likely to spend that extra dollar that sources on the internet do not support. This can be an evil challenge.  Why do lenders and closing companies call me a Super Star? I make deals happen.