Here I go again, my OCD analytical observations. That’s why everyone reads my blogs right! As the Market in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club moves forward, let me share some interesting observations. Two homes have been taken off the market Temporarily, and many are reducing the price substantially! “With tiered increments by planned strategies.”  I have noticed that some agents will do anything to pressure you into signing a listing agreement with them, promising you the world, or perhaps accepting to list your home for what you want and “wish” to sell it for! Then within days take it off the market or reduce the price! WHY?  It’s obvious, Realtors want to list your home and get you signed up so they get you locked in for the next 4 to 6 months. An agent is without doubt somewhere going to bring you a buyer. Notice their marketing of your home in most cases does not have professional Photography, time is not taking to personalize your home in the description. My staff and I take pride in owning our own description of your home in our marketing materials that is pushed on the Multiple Listing Service and multiple media sites. I could go on and on!

Let me remind you of my Track Record, it’s superb and I get deals to happen. Therefore, I have so many buyers readying by blogs. I have 19 active and interested buyers looking in our community. They are very internet savvy and know the values of homes here. Don’t be fooled, don’t be subject to high pressure when you choose to sell your home, and don’t list it for what you believe it’s worth. That’s my job.

I have many Realtors that read my blogs, and why is that?  Many use my data for their own presentations. I tell the truth, my staff and I are original, and we focus on selling your home, no false promises. Therefore, lenders and closing Title Companies call me a Super Star, not something I brag about, however a title I’m proud of!  Call me and I will share with you how I market your home, what I can do to get you the best price for your home, and especially buyers, I have data that will help you make the right choice in your future investment.