Why are there so many homes on the market for over 90 days?

People ask why I posted this graphic on my website? “I’ve raised the bar when it comes to providing professional marketing presentations and marketing strategies!” I’ve pulled out all the top ranking resources, and I personally feel it’s important to really cast my listings out there. You want results, call me and my team. We’ll get your home sold and for a fair market value.

Why are there so many homes on the market for well over 90 days? Perhaps it’s because the seller didn’t choose the right agent or brokerage. Perhaps the agent wanted to list for what you the seller thought it was worth and not what the market conditions are telling us. Perhaps the coverage and absorption rate to link and connect with appropriate networks is lacking. When I list a home, it’s to do the best possible performance that my 30 years in Advertising and Marketing saturation can possibly promote. It’s without doubt a performance record I’m proud of.

Now lets look at the market as it seems to move forward for 2018. Tampa Bay Golf and CC had the luxury of a builder driving quality buyers to our community. Many in our community said and still believe that when our builder K-Hohavion homes built out, our home values would go up.

My experience and observation, is totally opposite. Without a significant element driving buyers to our area, we lack the traffic to assume we can sell for what the market will bare! I bring a great deal of buyers to our community, and I have more than 20 buyers following our market. Their smart, educated buyers that do their research and will not be fooled nor spend more than a reasonable above market value price.