Here I go again, my OCD analytical observations. That’s why everyone reads my blogs right! As the Market in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club moves forward, let me share some interesting observations. Two homes have been taken off the market Temporarily, and many are reducing the price substantially! “With tiered increments by planned strategies.”  I have noticed that some agents will do anything to pressure you into signing a listing agreement with them, promising you the world, or perhaps accepting to list your home for what you want and “wish” to sell it for! Then within days take it off the market or reduce the price! WHY?  It’s obvious, Realtors want to list your home and get you signed up so they get you locked in for the next 4 to 6 months. An agent is without doubt somewhere going to bring you a buyer. Notice their marketing of your home in most cases does not have professional Photography, time is not taking to personalize your home in the description. My staff and I take pride in owning our own description of your home in our marketing materials that is pushed on the Multiple Listing Service and multiple media sites. I could go on and on!

Let me remind you of my Track Record, it’s superb and I get deals to happen. Therefore, I have so many buyers readying by blogs. I have 19 active and interested buyers looking in our community. They are very internet savvy and know the values of homes here. Don’t be fooled, don’t be subject to high pressure when you choose to sell your home, and don’t list it for what you believe it’s worth. That’s my job.

I have many Realtors that read my blogs, and why is that?  Many use my data for their own presentations. I tell the truth, my staff and I are original, and we focus on selling your home, no false promises. Therefore, lenders and closing Title Companies call me a Super Star, not something I brag about, however a title I’m proud of!  Call me and I will share with you how I market your home, what I can do to get you the best price for your home, and especially buyers, I have data that will help you make the right choice in your future investment.

I cannot begin to list every social media site your home will be seen on. Unless you call me to provide a FREE Brokers Price Opinion sometimes called a CMA to evaluate your home’s value! It’s truly difficult to share the process my staff uses to target my buyers and sellers in our community without meeting with you.

I also have buyers waiting for the right fit. Prices are not supportive of the current market and appraisers unfortunately are only using the past 90 days of sales to build value. We must be diligent in our responsibility to get you the best price for you home. My inexpensive proven ideas may produce a return of as much as 20 times your investment. My customers believe in me, and my proven results are undisputable.

People ask why I posted this graphic on my website? “I’ve raised the bar when it comes to providing professional marketing presentations and marketing strategies!” I’ve pulled out all the top ranking resources, and I personally feel it’s important to really cast my listings out there. You want results, call me and my team. We’ll get your home sold and for a fair market value.

Why are there so many homes on the market for well over 90 days? Perhaps it’s because the seller didn’t choose the right agent or brokerage. Perhaps the agent wanted to list for what you the seller thought it was worth and not what the market conditions are telling us. Perhaps the coverage and absorption rate to link and connect with appropriate networks is lacking. When I list a home, it’s to do the best possible performance that my 30 years in Advertising and Marketing saturation can possibly promote. It’s without doubt a performance record I’m proud of.

Now lets look at the market as it seems to move forward for 2018. Tampa Bay Golf and CC had the luxury of a builder driving quality buyers to our community. Many in our community said and still believe that when our builder K-Hohavion homes built out, our home values would go up.

My experience and observation, is totally opposite. Without a significant element driving buyers to our area, we lack the traffic to assume we can sell for what the market will bare! I bring a great deal of buyers to our community, and I have more than 20 buyers following our market. Their smart, educated buyers that do their research and will not be fooled nor spend more than a reasonable above market value price.

During the week of January 9, 2018 Deer Hollow will begin the third phase of its road asphalting project. The extremely well managed HOA that includes the first three streets to the right upon entering our community.

The following streets will be milled and asphalted: Caddyshack (from Moshie Ln. to Moshie Ln.), Cup Drive, Dormie Drive, Golf Cart Way, Hock Ln. and Twosome Drive.

The project will begin with milling the designated roads, being careful NOT to disturb curbing bordering the front of the properties.  Following the milling, tack will be applied to bond the milled road with the fresh asphalt.


Scheduled work dates:

  • 1/9 Milling of Hock Ln, Cup Dr. and Golf Cart
  • 1/10 Pave Milled Streets
  • 1/11 Millling of Dormie Dr. Twosome Dr. and Caddyshack from Moshie to Moshie
  • 1/12 Pave Dormie Dr, Twosome Dr. and Caddyshack Ln


I want to thank everyone that is responding and viewing my website and blog.  I’m not disclosing everything I know about our community in Tampa Bay Golf & CC. My buyers and sellers will get exclusive answers and data upon making an appointment for a free Market Analysis of their home.

Each Brokerage has their own approach for listing and selling homes. My observations are accurate data in our community and discloses some practices that may or may not be in our clients best interest. It’s important that the Realtors viewing my information understand our customers have a right and “CLEAR” understanding of who they engage services with, and a transparent view of our ethics, integrity, and professionalism!

Wishing everyone a blessed and succesful 2018

Wishing you all a great 2018.  We opened the door to some interesting data in our community recently.  Thirteen active listings have been on the market 86 days or more and appears the listing agents may be listing the homes for what the sellers are requesting and not for what the homes would appraise for.

Five homes listed below market value in the past 60 days and received contracts immediately. When you maybe approached by brokerages that boast about how many homes they’ve sold, please do your research. Also ask why they sold so quickly! It’s important for us as your realtor to represent your best interest, however some teams want to list your home, so it will sell quickly and not look at the entire scope of value your home may offer. This may leave you with less net walking away than perhaps you should have received.

An interesting statistic you may not be aware of, when you believe a brokerage may boast of having (X) amount of homes listed, does not mean they are producing a lot of sales. I’ve experienced in my practice that the more homes I have active on the market the more buyer leads I may produce “depending on the time of the year!” The big downside for these active listings is the days on the market tend to devalue the credibility of performance. We honestly try to keep you informed with the progress in our efforts.

Let’s do a quick recap! When I list your home, I look at the actual market value based on sales within our community, but more importantly I do my best to build and market specific value your home may offer. It’s a fine line between these guide lines and additional elements may bring value that you are not aware of, or other agents are not awae of. This has been a large reason why Mortgage Brokers are calling me a Super Star. My team and I make deals happen.

When you’re ready to sell, or your ready to buy, sit down with me or one of my team members and we will explore the values and what you should accept from a buyer. If you are a buyer, we will define the positives and negatives you need to review before determining an offer.

We look forward to assisting you because we want your business for life, not just for one sale.