Only 5 homes have gone pending in the past 2 months.

25 homes are actively listed in our community!  Nine of (9) these are priced lower than market value or well over market value, and two have reduced the asking price within the first 30 days. I’m not familiar with these listing brokerages. New agents coming into Tampa Bay Golf and CC, however unless they understand the 55 an older market, the trends and perks it can become a challenge for these newbies! I urge sellers to really research their performance and track record.

One brokerage has nine (9) active listings but appears to be listing the homes so high they are not bringing in acceptable offers, or the appraisals are so low the buyers chose not to move forward with the contract and it goes back on the market.  My last listing was only on the market 14 days, and is now pending.  I can’t provide good average price per sq. ft. these days because the market is so up and down with so many variables that effect the value, unless a realtor knows how to market successfully the sellers are becoming disheartened with their representation.

Our market has increased in value through the amenities, and proper marketing practices. Call me,  myself or one of my team members will discuss our marketing approach and why we are so succesful.  352-834-1326