Three (3) more home’s Decrease listing price! 13 Active listings have reduced their listing prices!

My team reminded me that I brought the buyer to my sellers on the top 4 homes that sold.

We give you remarkable results, four (4) high end homes that received 100% of the asking price, and one at 96%! Will yours be next?

When you list with me you are guaranteed your home will be portraited on Facebook, and your ad could be in the streaming media, of Yahoo news, MSN news, CNN, FOX, ABC, AOL, and so many many more social media providers. ” We get results!”

I was informed today by that I have 86% of their market share in the San Antonio community. Yes indeed this includes all of Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club. We get you results without doubt!

Please tell a veteran and current military in dress that we appreciate their service. Buy them a meal if you see them at McDonalds, or other fast food restaurants. It feels remarkable, and it just goes to show how much we appreciate them.