October sales and activity

Wow read about the rumors and the truth in our community. A staff member in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club was told there are 40 homes actively “For Sale” in our community. In realty only 15 active homes are available. We keep chipping away at the extraordinary homes for sale and we are excited to say, we have several remarkable homes coming on the market soon in TBGCC.

Eleven (11) homes SOLD in our community the month of October. Three (3) of these were by ‘MY TEAM”! What are the Mortgage brokers and lenders calling me? You are a “SUPERSTAR” I’m very proud of my team and staff; we’ve got our sellers and buyers “BACK” on every sale. .

Let’s look at the meat of values recently. We’re going to look back 90 days for some values, and as many of you know, many Realtors are using my data to define their listing presentations. That’s fine; you know who to call when you want your home sold.

We did a review of 11 homes that are currently on the market, and two (2) pending that listed their homes for much more than they could sell for. Realtors are anxious to get you to sign on the dotted line and I’ve even seen some that put a sign up before they get the property fully processed and on the market. This can be a good thing if their accurate, however we’ve found accuracy does not always follow. What’s that expression? “Haste makes waste” out of the 13 homes we brought to your attention, they have all reduced their price as much as $30,000 or more in the first 60 days on the market. My team is not desperate; we want your business but refuse to mislead you in order to get your business.