With out doubts my sellers have more success with my marketing campaigns than my competition. Listed this at $259,000, my photographer and my team put empowering campaigns together that bring results.

Now let me update you on the active listings.  We have 21 active listings, 4 have listed in the past 15 days, 13 have decreased their prices!  Three (3) new pendings, and One of these is my listing.  I get you positive and quick results! Ask me for my statistics. “I assure you Dan Swing stands out in the crowd” why? I’ve been a RE/MAX agent for 17 years, an my records speaks for itself.

I don’t understand why some listings go “Temporarily off the market” and then back on the market for the same price. I’ve seen one (1) home do this 3 times in the past 4 months.  This use to be an MLS marketing trick to put your listings back up in the active market for attention purposes, however “My Florida MLS” has developed strict guidelines in order to use this practice and harsh penalties if a valid reason is not provided.  



Since some doubting Thomas folks wonder how I can cover key cities and over 40,000 Realtors in Florida, I wanted to share, not only does RE/MAX http://www.global.remax.com given you access worldwide. I have specialized marketing tools that target key cities that many of our residents come from. “An Experiential Marketing value second to none” I’m pleased to offer and feedback has been incredible.

Our Global web site is easy to use search platform -Hundreds of thousands of RE/MAX listings. More than 80 countries & territories

Translations for 43 languages and 57 currencies

An easier, faster way to find your home

That’s the global power of RE/MAX will help you find it.

The Toys for Tots golf event at Tampa Bay last Saturday was a huge success. We had over 100 golfer and raised enough money to buy another 100 bikes. There will be over 200 new bikes under the Christmas trees of our local children this year, due to our community support.  I’m told most of these children have never had a Christmas tree!

When I participated in the Pasco County Leadership program in 2015 Pasco had over 2300 homeless children. The discreet way’s we try to accommodate them so these children are not bullied or shamed by their peers is so creative.  Homeless estimates have fallen 43% since 2011. Unsheltered homeless estimates fell 10% from 17,017 to 15,361, while sheltered estimates fell 4% from18,883 to 18,105. Estimates of veteran homelessness fell 35% from3,926 in 2015 to 2,902 in 2016. It’s a continuous struggle, but with your help we are whittling away at these numbers.

The Perfect 10 Charity has matching funds to purchase helmets to go with these bikes. A $10.00 donation, matched by them will buy 2 helmets. Donate $20.00 and we provide 4 helmets.  Drop your check payable to: The Perfect 10 Charity and drop it in the donation box at the pro shop.


My team reminded me that I brought the buyer to my sellers on the top 4 homes that sold.

We give you remarkable results, four (4) high end homes that received 100% of the asking price, and one at 96%! Will yours be next?

When you list with me you are guaranteed your home will be portraited on Facebook, and your ad could be in the streaming media, of Yahoo news, MSN news, CNN, FOX, ABC, AOL, and so many many more social media providers. ” We get results!”

I was informed today by Realtor.com that I have 86% of their market share in the San Antonio community. Yes indeed this includes all of Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club. We get you results without doubt!

Please tell a veteran and current military in dress that we appreciate their service. Buy them a meal if you see them at McDonalds, or other fast food restaurants. It feels remarkable, and it just goes to show how much we appreciate them.

Buyers are still active in our community, we’ve had 8 new contracts in the past 30 days.  The average price buyers are looking at are in the range of $155,000 to $$185,000.  We have a few that are pending that are well over the $200,000 price range but these are extraordinary homes, or location dictates the asking price.

Quickly, 33 homes have sold in the past 6 months that are between 1100 sq. ft. to 1700 sq. ft.  Let’s exclude the homes that are less than 1400 sq. ft. and we have 12 twelve 2 bedroom homes that have sold for an average price of $168,000. The remainder are three (3) bedrooms, with an average sale price of $182,000.  I’m getting my sellers much higher returns than the average realtor, and many of the inexpensive shared suggestions, truly build remarkable value in to your home and the returns are undeniable.   

Please call me to get a good idea what the value of your home is worth, and what we are able to sell it for in this market. My team and I have sold over $6,000,000 in just Tampa Bay in the past 11 months. This is todays market not a collective amount from years past.

I look forward to working with you.

Wow read about the rumors and the truth in our community. A staff member in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club was told there are 40 homes actively “For Sale” in our community. In realty only 15 active homes are available. We keep chipping away at the extraordinary homes for sale and we are excited to say, we have several remarkable homes coming on the market soon in TBGCC.

Eleven (11) homes SOLD in our community the month of October. Three (3) of these were by ‘MY TEAM”! What are the Mortgage brokers and lenders calling me? You are a “SUPERSTAR” I’m very proud of my team and staff; we’ve got our sellers and buyers “BACK” on every sale. .

Let’s look at the meat of values recently. We’re going to look back 90 days for some values, and as many of you know, many Realtors are using my data to define their listing presentations. That’s fine; you know who to call when you want your home sold.

We did a review of 11 homes that are currently on the market, and two (2) pending that listed their homes for much more than they could sell for. Realtors are anxious to get you to sign on the dotted line and I’ve even seen some that put a sign up before they get the property fully processed and on the market. This can be a good thing if their accurate, however we’ve found accuracy does not always follow. What’s that expression? “Haste makes waste” out of the 13 homes we brought to your attention, they have all reduced their price as much as $30,000 or more in the first 60 days on the market. My team is not desperate; we want your business but refuse to mislead you in order to get your business.