Retirement living never looked so good.

Time your buy to get the best price for your money.

Time your buy to get the best price. The best time to buy is just as the local high season is ending. In southern states, that’s usually March thru June, when the weather gets steamier and the tourist stream slows to a trickle. Buyers gain negotiating power as sellers become nervous about the lull. Like the pricing… but not quite ready to retire? Consider buying the home and renting to another retiree, a great deal of retirees are long term residences here.

I would like to share some points of interest that may help you in your choice to settle into our Community, “Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club.” My personal experience and research rates our community an (A) compared to so many similar retirement communitie

An Old, New, Past and Present term!                    “Location, Location, Location”

  1. Compare membership requirements. We are incredibly fair compared to similar communities. Our HOA fees are extremely reasonable for all the amenities you will enjoy.
  2. Scope out the Gated community requirements and the approval process. Our board and administrator have made this process painless and remarkably smooth, compared to similar communities.
  3. Study the community Financials: Our contingency fund? “Healthier than most municipalities!”
  4. Scrutinize the activity calendar; We have amazing venues, wow, call me for details.
  5. Research the restrictions; We are more than reasonable and moderate, compared to similar communities. NO CDD fees, call me to define this tax increment that is an additional planned community expense. TBGCC does NOT have this.
  6. Factor in Florida’s homestead exemption, one of the lowest tax rates in the nation! We have no CDD, Community Development District. A scary, kinda hidden tax that may take your breath away that the majority of communities experience now days.
  7. Considering the caretakers; Who’s going to take care of your home when your out of town?  We have an amazing network of neighbors and friends. Your in safe hands without doubt. Honestly, get to know your neighbors, they will become life long friends of choice. You will have more close friends than you have fingers on both hands.
  8. Don’t forget the “BIG CITY” We are 10 minutes to Grocery stores, 12 minutes to the Huge Outlet Mall, Restaurants choices are overwhelming. Wire Grass Mall, downtown Tampa theaters are only 30 minutes away. Medical Care; Wesley Chapel hospital 15 minutes away, doctor clinics and offices 10 to 20 minutes away depending on your choices. First Res-ponders are three (3) minutes away. Pasco County public transportation will come to your door. Busch Gardens has a annual pass that provides you incredible shows with an annual pass.
  9. Acclimate before you relocate. Weather is a key consideration when you’re buying a retirement home, especially for year-round residents. Places like Florida with off-season deals like half-price golf might even make Florida’s humidity bearable in the summer. May I emphasize the patience and tolerance level to consider the first 2 perhaps 3 years. Once you overcome the summer humidity and factor in the pro’s and con’s. Without doubt you will never regret your decision to live in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club.