July Summary & activity the past 10 days.

Please share with families of a loved one that allowing their parents’ home to go into FORECLOSURE is not healthy for anyone. Without doubt it causes our home values to struggle in value. I urge you and all working realtors to familiarize the “Deed in Lieu” process.  We potentially have 4 more homes that may take as long as 800 days before they are place on the market to sell

Two (2) homes have withdrawn from the market in the past week, and 5 more homes have gone active on the market. Average listing price per sq. ft for these is $106 a sq. ft. A 2 bedroom Villa came on the market for nearly $118 a sq ft., shows well too. One single family home went on the market for $134 a sq. ft. and no outstanding features, and what appears to be original appliances.

I’m excited to share that our website is getting more activity than ever anticipated. Our activity has increased from 5 visits a day in June 2015 to an average of 26 visits per day, and more than 800 views this past month. We do not track individual visits, or who you are, so your privacy is protected.

We are astonished at the accuracy of our data we share. Competitive brokerages are picking up listings that are spot on per sq. ft.  My staff has commented on how extraordinary accurate we are becoming.  We don’t mind anyone using our data as a lazy way of preparing an estimate of value for their home. We’re proud of the information we share because we care about the property values in our community.

As expected the traffic has dropped considerably, do to the summer. I do not anticipate a huge amount of activity to return until late September, October. With this said,

Keep tuning in to what’s trending in our community.