My happy customers and observations on current trends in our community.

Congratulations, I listed 29308 Markers Loop on June 16th received a full price offer and closed on June 26th.  I helped the Beaumont’s find and close on 10454 Hyannisport Loop on June 27th. Very happy buyers & sellers!

We have only 10 homes currently active and for sale in our community. I feel it’s an obligation to comment on this activity. These homes are extremely overpriced, by no means will appraise,  and may I suggest that any buyer considering the current listings check public records for accurate heated square feet, make certain any agreement you enter into is subject to a satisfactory appraisal. “ESPECIALLY CASH OFFERS!” Motive for a professional listing agent to list your home? Active listings in the MLS bring buyers to this agent or team. The home is locked into the agreement most commonly for 6 months and there are consequences if you choose to withdraw. This being said, an educated buyer has now engaged this listing agent and respectfully shows them reasonably priced homes in the price range the buyers are qualified for. Do they come to these ridiculously overpriced listings? Maybe and maybe not, however this agent now has an active buyer they can sell a home to and in many cases, find a home outside our community.

I will NOT enter into an agreement to list your home at a price that we hope will sell because there is nothing on the market. Buyers come to me many, many times a month that do their homework and even research in depth the homeowners as well as the true value of the homes on the market. These buyers are very savvy and look for weakness and strengths in the seller and their property when considering any potential offer.

Are you looking to sell? Looking to buy? I have buyers and sellers anxious to put together a fair deal that satisfies both sides and may never stay active in the MLS for more than a day. Call me with your concerns and your requests, I assure you my staff or I will find something that meets everyone’s