May 16,Trending in Tampa Bay Golf & CC

Real quickly, 15 homes have sold in our community in the past 30 days. Seven of these were my customers. This is almost 50% of all sales. I’m the leading sales leader by volume and dollar amount. RE/MAX campaigns are incredibly powerful.  I’m not just a listing agent I’m also a buyers agent. When you list your home with me you receive 100% from my staff and I.

In dollar volume I closed on $1,260,000 in gross sales for just the month of APRIL! Awesome isn’t it!

Seventeen (17) homes are pending, this does not include two homes that I will be posting in the MLS for recording purposes. Yes I’m known bring buyers and sellers together continually without the need of the internet.

We have 23 homes actively on the market, theoretically with this few percentages in a community of almost 1600 homes it tells us this is a sellers market. We just need buyers to come in and see all the value you offer. I have many buyers on standby but their impatient and more than likely will be exploring other communities if less and less home owners choose not to sell.