Trends in Tampa Bay Golf & CC this past 30 days

I have over 36 years of excellence in Sales and Marketing with State recognized Peoples Choice Awards and First and Second place campaigns in state competition.  Who do you want to represent your best interest!

I am pleased to share that some home values in our community have increased as much as 56% in the past three years. Please understand the data you receive from Zillow and other websites that give you high expectations cannot be used within the boundaries of our community. The data used from those websites are by statistics within the realm of that zip code, and are not reliable.

It’s been my quest since I began working in Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club to bring home values up after they hit all-time lows in 2013. There is a science to bringing values up, and many factors come into play that must be understood to get you the highest and best offers. RE/MAX has mastered these elements and trained their brokerages to help sellers obtain their goals. I’m fortunate to belong to a family that is attorney owned and monthly contract reviews and case studies are required. “Who do you want to represent your best interests?”

I have seen some contracts fall through recently and the homes went back on the market or were withdrawn due to ill advice from their representation. Keep in mind my tech savvy and BPO “Broker Price Opinion” experience, nails it on the head with value, and more often, right on the money. I do not want to give false hope to my clients. I want you to get the highest and best offers for your home. I do not want an unhappy customer because a contract fails for inspection reasons, or an appraisal disheartens expectations.

I’m proud to say other Realtors continue to read my blogs; could it be my material is much more reliable than what competitive brokerages claim?  My productivity for resales in Tampa Bay Golf & CC is clear, and my momentum has come from the use of this blog and my credibility is proven time and time again. My recent sales are on the higher end homes however I have two homes pending that are $159,000 or less. I’m honest and straight forward with my clients and they may not always hear what they want, but in the end my professional representation meets expectations. The other two top producers in TBGCC included their referral fees, from buyers they took to our builder K-Hovnanian.