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Would like to provide a brief comment about all the activity in Tampa Bay Golf and CC.  This day before Christmas Eve, the community is silent, with few buyers about!  The active listings are 37 and our sellers are mostly staged, in hopes St Nick will bring buyers this spring!  Ten (10) Homes closed (SOLD) in the past 30 days, two were my listings/or buyers. 29545 Fade Ct. and 10461 Moshie Ln both sold! I have a scheduled closing on December 29th, built in 2006 at $123.00 a sq. ft. and I sold 9981 Gap Wedge  for one of the highest recently sold homes at $134.50 a sq. ft. and on average the selling price for excellent condition is receiving $126 to $129.00 per sq. ft.

With the $1.6 Million improvements to the club house, our community is in a win win for residents, buyers and sellers!  However buyers will be spending perhaps more than expected, and I anticipate a rush of buyers, and the need for more sellers will become a big event real soon. I also expect more activity than in early 2016. Interest rates are rising, buyers are in a rush to get something before the next move by the Feds this spring. The harsh winter cold has stimulated a great deal of buyers. I have five (5) buyers visiting from the first week in January until the 2nd week in February and (2) currently renting for just the right fit!  With all your referrals my staff and I are estimating an additional 6 to 10 buyers before the end of April!

My staff and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A brief synopsis in the past 30 days for Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club.  We have 34 homes for sale currently.  This is the highest for the season since 2011. Fifteen (15) are under contract, “pending”.

Seven (7) have closed in the past 30 days, two were mine, 29358 Princeville, at $104.00 a sq. ft and 10428 Moshie Ln. I have three (3) pending, 29330 Coharie Loop listed at $239,000, 29545 Fade Ct. Listed at 152,900 and I received over 25 showings the first 30 days, and 10245 Moshie Ln all are scheduled to close before January 1st. I’m very proud of the performance I’ve given my customers and proud of the stability in value our homes are holding.

I will provide a more thorough review by mid December. I listged two (2) new properties listed this past week,  10628 Moshie Ln at a great value for $179,000 and 29515 Fade Ct. at $149,900 , 29461 Cochiti Lake at $217,000, 11140 Moshie Ln at $240,000 and excellent value. I also have three homes that I have not yet placed in the MLS and have sellers that will entertain fair offers before placing on the market in late January.