WOW what a crazy October 2016!

Sales are up 32% from last October in  Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club

I would like to welcome “George Ballis” and “Linda Shannon” to my staff here at RE/MAX Capital Realty in Lutz a stone’s throw from Livingston and Sr 54!

 Shall I name all the homes I’ve sold and or have for sale at this moment? You see enough of my signs to know I’m a worthy contender in selling your home or bringing buyers to your home! Quickly I will say I currently have 7 homes for sale, 2 who have listed but not ready to place in the MLS yet and 3 pending.   That’s activity of eleven (11) homes inside Tampa Bay GCC.  This does not include the properties my staff and I have outside of Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club.

 It’s somewhat of an anomaly I’ve found this past year. Buyers visit in spurts, we may have 5 cash buyers one week, and half a dozen buyers qualified with VA, FHA, or Conventional loans. This is on average 11 buyers a month!

 12 homes closed this time last year, (3) of those closing were mine.  (9) Nine closed in the past 32 days, from October 1st. 2016 Four (4) of those homes were my buyers or sellers. This October has shown a lot of cash buyers, especially on some of the larger homes.

Sixteen (16 homes are pending at this time. Eight (8) exceed an asking price of $220,000 or more, and two of these are over ($300,000)

It’s important to know homes over 1800 sq. ft. and preferred locations have an average sold price of $122.00 per sq. ft. Many factors come into play to capture a sale at this price per square feet.

1700 sq. ft. with upgrades and semi-preferred to preferred location are capturing $111.00 to $117.00 per sq. ft.!  A significant difference in values, the upside to this; appraisers will potentially use new completed homes by K-Hovnanian. Providing your home has a fairly new roof, and A/C unit and the inside is comparable to the new homes that fit in this criteria your home may qualify in this sold price range.

Please understand and I repeat this over and over, the appraised value or just value of your home, “IS DEFINED BY HOW MUCH Square Feet has central heat and air UNDER SHINGLED ROOF”  Do not be deceived otherwise.

A great listing suggestion to a seller? To require an AS IS contract.  Florida Realtors Association offers three (3) types of contracts from buyers agents and depending on the selection, some have more provisions to protect you than others.  Call me when listing your home and I will share the pros and cons.  Many new provisions that you the seller should know and also many provisions a buyer needs to know other than just filling in the blanks that these documents provide.