Since September 1st, 2016 lets see what’s trending in TBGCC


September has been above average with per-qualified buyers and cash buyers.  Some lookers, but negotiations are becoming tougher with sellers compromising to meet most buyers’ offers.  Many offers are subject to buyers home selling!  For this reasoning, we had SIX (6) pending, and now have FOUR (4) contracts that show active in the MLS. OR (ACT) active with a contract and shows active on and Zillow, Trulia and etc.

A 2/2 Villa  on Chatuge sold for $149,900, and another 3/2 on Caddyshack in pristine condition only sold for $135,000 and had great privacy in the back.  This indicates a diverse demand for sellers and buyers.  Very challenging for appraisers and most importantly the qualified Square Foot under roof!   Sellers believed to yield more for glassed or acrylic enclosures with aluminum roofs is a false and deceptive myth.  More often than not, when appraisal comes back, offers become challenged, and buyers more often than not will walk away unless the seller reduces the selling price to meet the appraised value.  It certainly jeopardizes the transaction and in many cases, KILLS the deal!

ELEVEN (11) homes closed/SOLD in September. SIX (6) conventional loans and FIVE (5) all CASH!  Preferred Fairway location and conservation views yielded the highest per sq. ft. averaging $10.00 to $13.00 per sq. ft more and significantly lower than the first SIX (6) Months of 2015.

FOUR (4) homes have WITHDRAWN their homes from the MLS , TWO (2) are temporarily off the market and one listing has expired.