What’s happening in Tampa Bay Golf & CC since August 1st, 2016

Yes it’s a fair to say, sales have slowed down in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club!

I cannot say with a clear conscious that sales have stopped! This simply is not true!

 Before I continue, I would like to welcome my new transaction coordinator George Ballis. An exceptional asset to my staff!

 August has all but stopped with buyers. Lots of lookers, however very few actual offers!  Buyers are becoming very savvy and do their due diligence before viewing or making offers on homes. Seven (7) homes have gone on the market since August 1st, and one of those was on the market only (1) day.  I have the buyer  on this transaction too!

In the last 45 days my STAFF and I have received more than 30 inquiries. We have also qualified SIX (6) BUYERS!  Three are qualified for $150,000 or less, and TWO are CASH buyers.  Three are qualified for $220,000 to $300,000 and two of these are CASH BUYERS.

My data has revealed SIX homes have gone pending in the past 38 days and TWO (2) of these are my buyers. ELEVEN (11) have sold. However this can be deceiving since many of these new homes have been under contract for as long as SIX (6) MONTHS, and with all the new banking regulations, loans can take as long as 60 days or longer. The average loan is taking 45 to 50 days right now.

We are also working with a qualified buyers for $900,000 and another for $450,000 needless to say they are not looking in our community!