TWO HUNDRED and TWO (202) resale homes have closed since January 1st 2015 and 93 New Homes and or models have sold since January 1st 2015

Eighteen (18) Homes were sold by myself, to investors, and/or new home owners. Potentially other brokerages may have participated in these sales, and may not be recorded in the Multiple Listing Service. (MLS).  The balance of the remaining sales are quick claimed and/or transferred warranty deeds, to perhaps relatives or partners!  

One Hundred and Fifty one, (151) of these homes were 1650 sq. ft. or larger. Average sale price is not included as these sales are over a period of 18 months and cannot be considered in an opinion of value due to these time elements. Twenty six (26) of these homes have been sold in 2016!  The price per sq. ft. ranges from $126.00 per sq. ft. to as low as $83.00 per sq. ft.

One Hundred and Twenty seven, (127) of these homes were 1649 sq. ft. or less. Again average sale price is not included per the definitions in the above paragraph.  (43) of these homes have been sold in 2016! The price per sq. ft. ranges from $134.50 per sq. ft. to as low as $73.23 per sq. ft.

A great deal of factors come into play when evaluating sales. Year of home, upgrades and maintenance, location, and “yes new homes have been used in appraisals, depending on the conditions of the resale.” “LET ME BE CLEAR, I personally set the NUMBER ONE, benchmark for the use of NEW HOME SALES, to be included in resale home appraisals, June 2015!  YES I hold the bragging rights, and any other agent claiming they started this trend are mistaken in their claim!

Location may offset resale values with homes that have few upgrades, however homes with few upgrades, and neglected properties no matter where the home is located will have consequences, and therefore rarely can be used in evaluating accurately!

The first 6 months of 2015,   Tampa Bay closed on 66 resales & 39 new homes

The first 6 months of 2016,   Tampa Bay closed on 60 resales only 46 were from the Multiple Listing Service and 19 new home sales have been recorded sold.

Six (6) foreclosures have been filed since the first (1st) of January 2016.   No Sale date has been record. The addresses of these properties are as follows;  10637 Collar Dr., 9438 Rolling Cir., 29301 Zeller Ave., 29153 Princeville Dr., 10322 Moshie Ln., 29515 Fade Ct.

The above information is provided as a courtesy only, is not a full warranty, and should be independently investigated.  If you are a potential buyer, investor, or seller I will be happy to provide a free estimate for the value of your property.