We have had 19 price reductions in since July 12th. K-Hovnanian has increased five (5) of their new models between 1 & 2% which indicates they are selling out fast. ¬†Many Realtors are listing homes to drive traffic to them and then directing them to K-Hovnanian for a 4% commission when the home is completed and closed and the Realtor doesn’t have to do much of anything. ¬†Pretty easy way to be successful but at whose expense?

Realtors read my blogs constantly and I’m proud to say they use my research to list homes for themselves. I’m doing extremely well and thank Tampa Bay Golf residence for their trust in me. I’ll end this quick blog with current statistics in the past 60 days. Excluding the completed new homes that have closed.

As I said before (38) re-sales are currently on the market and many are priced extremely high and the challenge is getting them appraised once a contract is secured. It’s interesting how so many agents do not understand the appraisers challenges and what their codes of ethics demand. I will add that they are policed much more harshly than Real Estate Agents on their performance.

That being said, we have 12 pending homes and many are struggling to close, most likely the reason they are taking more than 60 days to close. It’s not the lenders. I have mortgage companies closing deals in less than 30 days.

Six (6) homes have withdrawn their listings and twelve (12) finally closed in the past 60 days. This accounts for the trend of 68 properties in Tampa Bay Golf currently. My next blog will have some real interesting trends that I’m looking forward to sharing. Until then enjoy the Lenten season, I enjoy this season as much if not more than the Christmas Holidays.