Is Foreclosure Activity on Steep Incline?

National Association of Realtors came out with this news clip Monday the 19th, and I added my two cents in! It’s extremely important that the public understand the differences in today’s housing market and mortgage climate and the 2008 Housing and mortgage crash. It’s also important not to read into this too deeply. Some housing […]

Real Estate, Stress? Uncertainty? Hectic? Insanity!

Real estate is a hard business — I have had many followers ask why haven’t I posted any content lately. This is more difficult than newbies understand, and certainly harder than most of our friends, family and clients understand. The image we portray on social media is often one of success. We post ourselves at […]

What’s trending in Florida real estate!

Despite claims that buyers are migrating to Florida, evidence from Atlas Van Lines and the Florida 2020 Demographic Estimating Conference indicate that migration trends are minor. In the shadow of the pandemic, there has been a lot of news about home buyers migrating to Florida: Northeasterners pursuing sunshine and lower taxes, celebrities searching for their […]

Interesting trends Interior Design is leaning towards for 2021

The interior design trends that are molding how we live For luxury buyers, interior design has long been a top priority, and a NEW Identity is appearing! “Interior architecture,” has recently pushed up the list of buyer priorities. The reason for this is simple: as more people work remotely, shop via digital platforms, and spend […]


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