Nocatee, blending people and conservation!

I’ve been asked recently how active the Nocatee community is compared to similar communities. There is no comparison. Two and soon to be three 55 and older communities will be included in the Nocatee preserve. With the additional mixed gated and ungated communities, the interaction is your choice. We have secure communities, and we have gated communities.
Restrictions for gated communities apply. Most all the facilities are shared by families of all ages. The Splash Park, Zip lines, lazy river, and weekly activities and coming soon the new Spray Park that boast the highest water slides in the region. Great for mothers relaxing in the sun and shallow waters for even supervised infants. Additional Zip lines will be available too! Another Water Park is slated to open in 2020 with an Olympic lap pool!

The versatility of this extremely well engineered and planned Community Development District may suggest the reasoning behind the popularity that families all over the United States are seeking our region in Florida. It boasts as one of the top three places for relocation. Activities are so many, quality of lifestyle, schools, TPC Golf, “The Players” and many public/private courses. Tennis, Swimming, Fishing, Bocci, Pickle Ball are just a few of the many activities available. The fact that it’s located in a preserve with 20 plus miles of hiking, Golf cart, and bike trails enables everyone to enjoy nature at its very best in all its forms.

Lowest Electrical fees in the Lower South East USA. Example; A 2700 Sq. Ft. home averages only $110.00 monthly. So homes with less sq. ft naturally are much less than $100.00.

Ponte Vedra has also announced coming soon, a private swim club, and separate private Tennis club.

THE PLAYERS CLUB Championship PGA Tour March 12, thru the 17th!

THE PLAYERS CLUB Championship PGA Tour Purse $11,000,000

Are you prepared? Secure you tickets now! Click on the link to buy now!

Suggestions and Tips where to watch golf, based on last years’ experience. 2019 course map coming soon. Naturally there are plenty of great places to watch golf on the Stadium Course, which was specially designed to enhance the viewing experience. Everyone knows about the Iconic 17th hole, but there are many more, often less crowded places to watch golf. Here is a hole by hole guide of the best, and sometimes hidden spots to experience THE PLAYERS Championship.

HOLE #1 The No.1 tee is a popular spot, with limited foliage, to watch players hit their tee shots with mounds to the left and right of the green for optimal viewing. This is less crowded location provides a great opportunity to get close to players as they walk from No.1 green to No.2 tee.

HOLE #2 Elevated mounding behind the green provides a great place to watch players decide whether to go for the par 5 in two or lay-up, and then you can keep an eye on them as they head to No. 3 tee to take a shot at the par 3 green.

HOLE #3 Left of the tee box is a great place, as you are just on the other side of the practice tee – which means you can move back and forth to watch the 3rd hole as well as see players warm-up

HOLE #4 there is an expanded fan walkway and lowered mounding for improved viewing on the No. 4 tee.

HOLE #5 Find great views of this tough par 4 from the elevated left side of the fairway, where you can also catch a glimpse of players practicing on the back tee of the upgraded driving range.

HOLE #6 This green isn’t very crowded and offers a great place to catch the action up close. You can be near the players as they walk from the green to the No. 7 tee.

HOLE #7 The elevated mounding behind the green allows you to see all the way back to the tee box.

HOLE #8 Always a fan favorite, you can get close to the action when players hit their tee shots, thanks to elevated mounding behind the green (and in the shade of nearby trees)

HOLE #9 This a great par 5 to watch players hit their tee shots and decide whether to go for the green in two. Significant amounts of foliage to left of the green to the left of the green have been removed and new mounding has been added to give you a better view of players’ approach shots and putts.

HOLE #10 The elevated mounding behind the tee provides great views of players’ tee shots and you’re just steps away from a permanent restroom.

HOLE #11 A fan favorite par 5 where players often go to the green in two, the green is surrounded by sand and water, which provides no-stop excitement. The newly enhanced bowl-shaped mounding around the green provides fantastic views of the No.11 and No. 12 with great share.

HOLE #12 Significant renovation on this hole includes a reshaped green complex with additional spectator mounding to the left of the newly added pond, behind the green and not the right of the green.

HOLE #13 Fans directly behind the green may see a ball or two roll through the green and end up in collection area just on the other side of the ropes from where they’re sitting.

HOLE #14 This tough par 4 has elevated mounding on the left side of the green, providing good views of the approach shots and putting as well as mounding for improved viewing on the No. 15 green.

HOLE #15 This par 4 has elevated mounding on the left side of the green, providing good views of approach shots and putting as well as mounding for improved viewing on the No. 15 green

HOLE #16 The Fan Bleacher presented last year by MD Anderson Cancer Center located behind the tee provides a great view as players launch their tee shots. The elevated mounding on the left side of the green provides an ideal vantage point for approach shots an putt, as well as a view of the No. 17 hole.

HOLE #17 There is not a bad view of this legendary, island green par 3. This is a perfect spot to watch golf and then see players walk off the green and through the tunnel as they head to the 18th tee.

HOLE #18 You’ll find great views behind the tee and down the right side of the hole. The elevated area around the green is known as THE BLUFF, where courtesy folding chairs are provided at no charge __ and if you’re in your chair when the last putt drops at the end of the day, you can take it home for free!

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Six (6) positive’s in stock market volatility.

The stock market ended 2018 down, and what a ride its been especially in recent weeks. Needless to say, people are getting jittery about investing, particularly in big-ticket items like real estate!

Buy more real estate! when stocks fluctuate, real estate tends to be a solid investment that appreciates over time. Even if property values dip temporarily, with a wise seasoned Realtor, you can purchase now and in a few years make a lot of money on.

The banks are basically giving money away! Interest rates remain very low compared to historic averages. That means borrowed money is cheap and it remains a good time to get a mortgage. “Why wouldn’t you finance something you can’t lose your money in,” “It’s almost like the stock market doesn’t make any sense when you understand the real estate industry.”

There’s no doubt that interest rate increases are making homeownership more expensive, and potentially contributing to a cooler market. However, putting current rates in context and showing that they are in fact still low is a comfort for buyers fearing they missed the low-cost boat.

Money can disappear, but property can’t! My Grandmother, past now, and a Real Estate broker, taught me about the lasting value of a property, and today people can live on almost any piece of land. The same can’t be said, for stocks. Real Estate is a hard asset that lasts, essentially, forever. Businesses, on the other hand, can go under leaving their stock worthless, by the way, you “can’t live IN your 401K!”

Look at this from a long term investment view! The stock market was brutal the final months of 2018. This possibly wiped out some wealth for potential homeowners and property investors. I try to keep a broad portfolio of stocks and real estate! My mother told me years ago, “I don’t look at my stocks investments daily, I have confidence in my financial adviser and your Real Estate buyers should have confidence in you!” Short term market swings aren’t something that will directly impact a primary residence.

You should be diversified! Folks that are worried about the stock market fluctuations may actually need to diversify their investments. The day to day performance in the stock market has little impact on Real Estate.

Many people have no company-sponsored retirement plans, and leaving their cash in the bank means constantly losing money to inflation. Real Estate is a good asset for building a diversified portfolio that can withstand the unpredictable changes in the financial markets.

Are you ready to invest now? I do not have a crystal ball, and predicting the future, or waiting for the next perfect moment to jump into upsizing your existing home! Perhaps relocating, or purchasing your first home, I’m not sure there is a perfect moment. However, I can assure you, I have a great network of mortgage brokers to assist us in the transition, no matter what the challenges may be.

The stock market is volatile, but interest rates are expected to keep rising. Meanwhile, more and more young families, veterans, and retirees are in need of homes, especially in spectacular regions like St. Johns County in Florida! So, should you time your deals to coincide with market fluctuations? In my opinion, I don’t think so.

It might be better, but again it also could become a challenge, only the future will tell. I do believe prices will stay strong, and demand, without doubt, will continue to increase.

Interesting Stats for New Construction Ponte Vedra FL

I have heard a great deal of gossip in the area of Nocatee, Del Webb specific at what values and at what rates they have increased in this community.

I pulled a recent report on NEW construction from 2015 thru 2018 and this is what I found. Note a 17.8% increase from 2017. Two and three bedrooms NEW construction with 2000 sq. ft. or more was used in this data. Accurate, Timely, and Complete.


Will declining mortgage rates reverse static home sales?

Mortgage rates continued their 2-month slide, with a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage ending the year at 4.55%. BYPATRICK KEARNS TODAY9:22 A.M.

Mortgage rates continued along their downward trend to end the year, according to the latest data from Freddie Mac released Thursday.

A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.55 percent for the week ending December 27, 2018, down from last week when it averaged 4.62 percent. It’s still more than half a percentage point above last year’s 3.99 percent at the end of December.

A 15-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.01 percent, down from last week’s 4.07 percent and up from last year’s 3.44 percent over the same period. The five-year Treasury-indexed hybrid adjustable-rate mortgage averaged 4 percent, up from last week’s 3.98 percent and up from last year’s 3.47 percent.

“Rates continued their two-month slide and are currently hovering around the same level as the early summer, which was before the deterioration in home sales,” Freddie Mac Chief Economist Sam Khater said. “The negative headlines around the financial markets are concerning, but the economy remains healthy, so the drop in mortgage rates should stem or even reverse the slide in home sales that occurred during the second half of 2018.”


As a seller best not to engage in too much conversation with your buyer. When it is possible for the home buyer and seller to meet, such as during the inspection, an experienced, aggressive buyer rarely hesitates to engage in friendly conversation with a seller about the home. After asking a few questions of the seller, and perhaps negotiating personal items the seller wants to get rid of, the conversation becomes easier to switch over to the discussion of price.

This has happened far more often than not. Their favorite question is “Would ja take $___ for your home?” As a seller, you could be put on the spot and best to yield to your Realtor.

Sometimes, you as the seller may get caught off guard and shocked. Other times a seller says, “maybe.” ooops, this opens the door to less than favorable outcome.

Better yet, many times the buyer may ask, to the shock of the nearby hovering real estate agent, “What is the lowest price you could take for this home?” When that price isn’t acceptable, the buyer may come back with the “would ja take offer” which often produces better results. Best to always yield to your realtor.

If you are the home seller and you encounter a disgusting buyer like this, your correct answer should be, “Well, why don’t you put that offer in writing so I can seriously consider it.” Then the seller can either accept it or make a counteroffer.

CONCLUSION: Home sale prices in a competitive market are determined by careful negotiations between seller and buyer. Both parties should be aware of the most frequently used negotiation strategies. I honestly recommend a seasoned and experienced Realtor to discuss this matter with you, and then negotiate for you. Caught off guard could cost you as much as the brokerage fees if you’re the seller, and more often than not as a buyer, your Realtor fees are minimal if anything to represent you.

It’s best to engage a Real Estate Agent for only the buyer or seller and another agent for the same. It’s important to understand if the listing agent represents you the buyer in the same transaction, the brokerage becomes a transaction broker and only facilitates the sale, with minimal confidentiality. You the buyer believing you may save funds in the purchase price because there is room to negotiate down the brokerage fees could result in less than acceptable outcome.