What’s trending in Florida real estate!

Despite claims that buyers are migrating to Florida, evidence from Atlas Van Lines and the Florida 2020 Demographic Estimating Conference indicate that migration trends are minor. In the shadow of the pandemic, there has been a lot of news about home buyers migrating to Florida: Northeasterners pursuing sunshine and lower taxes, celebrities searching for their […]

Interesting trends Interior Design is leaning towards for 2021

The interior design trends that are molding how we live For luxury buyers, interior design has long been a top priority, and a NEW Identity is appearing! “Interior architecture,” has recently pushed up the list of buyer priorities. The reason for this is simple: as more people work remotely, shop via digital platforms, and spend […]

Why a coach when buying new construction!

Supply and demand may prohibit negotiating well beyond what a builder offers. While pure supply and demand may prohibit you from negotiating well beyond what a builder provides, knowing how to handle the process lets you save some cash whenever you can. In the current climate of growing costs and dwindling inventories, saving money on […]

Amazing Opportunities for Children’s Education, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra. FL

AN EXCEPTIONAL PLANNED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT; NOCATEE, PONTE VEDRA, FL 32081 I have been asked “WHY Nocatee, Ponte Vedra Florida? This was selected as the top 8th Planned Development Communities in America. I’m providing you some links for the schools in the St. John’s County Ponte Vedra Florida area. From preschool through high school. You can […]


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