When Did Market Prices Crash?

President Carter took office in 1977, during a period of “stagflation,” which is defined as a period in which inflation is high or increasing, economic growth is slowing, and unemployment cannot be measured. It creates a quandary for economic policymakers because actions aimed at lowering inflation may exacerbate unemployment. As a result of a combination […]

SHOCKING ..Florida Home Owner Insurance rate hikes!

Florida residents are outraged by the homeowner insurance costs. We’re seeing rate increases of up to 46 percent PLUS! An 88-year-old stated his increased from $1,640 to $2,473. It just doesn’t seem reasonable to see so much increase all at once! I’ve lived in Florida over 40 years and never experienced anything like this. Did […]

High Inflation, squeezes Americans pocket books

Americans pushed their limits when purchasing a new home. Many new homes have been secured with purchase agreements, and the builders have not broken ground yet. Thousands of homes are only half completed do to supply shortages and most may not be move in ready and closed until the fall. It’s possible that some high-earners […]


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