High Inflation, squeezes Americans pocket books

Americans pushed their limits when purchasing a new home. Many new homes have been secured with purchase agreements, and the builders have not broken ground yet. Thousands of homes are only half completed do to supply shortages and most may not be move in ready and closed until the fall. It’s possible that some high-earners […]

How many VA loans can you have?

You’ve already used a VA loan to purchase a home. Now, you may be wondering if you are eligible for a second VA loan. The answer is yes, but you should know how your entitlement benefit works, what your financing cost will be, and a variety of other concerns before applying. What is the maximum […]

America’s future, Erroneous, Bleak, Subtle, or Bright!

Is another large collapse in real estate on the horizon? Given all the headlines about a possible recession, rising inflation, significant interest rate increases, and the stock market sell-off, where are we headed? The news may be better than most people expect, say two of America’s top real estate economists. What to expect as we […]

Why This Housing Market Is NOT a Bubble Ready To Pop!

I’ve written several articles on why we have no risk of a Real Estate Market Bubble popping. Here is some new data to support my convictions. Owning a home has grown to be a crucial part of the American dream. Over 86% of buyers feel that owning a home is still part of the American […]


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