Why This Housing Market Is NOT a Bubble Ready To Pop!

I’ve written several articles on why we have no risk of a Real Estate Market Bubble popping. Here is some new data to support my convictions. Owning a home has grown to be a crucial part of the American dream. Over 86% of buyers feel that owning a home is still part of the American […]

The Top Commercial Real Estate Markets

May 17, 2022 Florida is the place to be! Jacksonville will be in the top five, soon enough! Florida has five of the hottest commercial real estate metro markets in the first quarter: Orlando, Miami, Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale, and Fort Myers, according to new research from the National Association of REALTORS®. NAR’s Commercial Real Estate […]

February sets new record for home price growth. “Re-Accelerates”

In February, home prices saw the strongest annual gains on record, which, when combined with a sharp rise in mortgage rates, made it the most difficult to buy a home in fifteen years! The report from Black Knight shows that home prices rose again in February, even as interest rates kept rising. This is despite […]


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